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There is a difference between writing an essay and being actively involved in an essay. If you are one of the numerous young scholars who can’t quite reconcile themselves with academic writing, you are not to be blamed. It does get a bot too impersonal and pedantic, doesn’t it? I mean, I get it. How can you like something that you have not felt for? It is very hard to feel anything about academic writing. Thus, you can also get an essay help from professionals.

The Argument is Everything…

But I would like to tell you, right here, today (mark this day as the day that you changed the way you thought about essay writing) that the whole crux of an academic essay rests on the argument. The argument is the soul, the elixir, the life-giving force that makes your essay whatever it turns out to be (literally. Good or bad!)

Types of Arguments and Cliches…

A cliched argument that cannot provide ample support for itself and does not know its philosophy or goal is something that is bound to bring your essay down. Yes, there are different types of arguments and each has its own philosophy. The argument that is the least followed in academic circles is the Rogerian Argument.

If you have stopped reading as I said “least followed”, bear with me for a while. The reason that it is the least followed may be that it is the least understood. Also, it does not mean that an essay writer will never come across the need for such an argument. I believe that the Rogerian argument has a lot to teach us!

The Philosophy of a Rogerian Argument

To begin with, the philosophy of this argument is all about the central tenet of empathy that is the cornerstone of Carl Rogers theory of personality. The idea is to think beyond the shoulds and musts. Typically, the Western argument is based on Aristotelian techniques. It is more concerned with winning.

In an Aristotelian argument, the purpose is to validate and authenticate whatever point of view that you have. Yes, you do discuss the counter-argument but just to make sure that yours gets stronger. Just pay for essay and get a best argument in no time.

The Empathy…(Imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes aka minds)

Although Rogers himself did not devise this argument to be used in academics, later academics employed his ideas of genuineness, empathy and unconditional positive regard to making sure that the world understands that the goal of an argument is to cooperate, collaborate, understand each other and have a better interaction in the future.

Have Some Humility and Compassion for the “other” Viewpoint

The Rogerian argument needs to make sure that the opposing point of view is highlighted and explained as much as the main argument. Secondly, the pros and cons of both need to be explained. Thirdly, both need to be brought together and weighed against each other so that both opinions inform each other.

Let go of the Restraints that Limit your Thoughts!

It is a very healthy way to approach a topic. You can decide to base your essay on a Rogerian argument or employ some of its tactics to make your essay writing more effective. I would suggest you be creative and think outside of the proverbial box of essay writing.

Some More (Practical) Tips…

If you are following the Rogerian style of debate, you will introduce your topic, then your argument, and follow it up with evidence consolidating your argument. Then, you can proceed to introduce the counter-argument and make sure that you present evidence for it in the same way you did for the first point of view.

Once you are certain that the reader has understood both, bring them together and weigh them against each other, reaching a delicate balance and compromise that lies somewhere in the middle of both the opinions. However, if you are confused with the concept, ask others to write essay for me.

The Takeaway Outside of Academics…

If you don’t want to bother yourself with the types of arguments that you may have to choose when writing an essay. What you can take away from this essay is the ethic of a Rogerian argument (empathy and consideration even while interacting with others in real life) while you entrust the drab essays to an online write my paper service that has some raving reviews!

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