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What? What is the Rogerian essay? I bet this question would have popped in your mind as soon as your teacher would have assigned you this essay assignment. I know, the name of the essay also looked strange to me, the first time I was assigned this assignment. You might get the idea that it would be a very complex and difficult essay to write. To your relief, it is not. It is a simple and easy type. However, if you are confused you do not have to worry, I will provide a complete guide in this blog, to write a Rogerian essay.

What is the Rogerian essay?

In this world, patience, tolerance, and a comprehensive attitude have gotten quite rare. Everyone wants to prove that he is right and others are wrong. In these desperate times, Rogerian essays are assigned by teachers to students to learn how to find a compromise between two warring parties. If you ever have a looming deadline or assigned a complicated topic, consider taking the help of an urgent essay writing service. The task of writing a Rogerian essay is mostly assigned to the students of social sciences and humanities. It is for them to learn how to reach a compromise between the unsettling social issues that are ravaging humanity.

Guide to write a Rogerian essay

  • Pick an argumentative topic

    If you are not assigned a topic by your teacher, you will have to pick one yourself. Well, pick it wisely. First, identify the areas of your interest and then look for potential argumentative essay topics in those areas of your interest. Make a list and look them up on the internet to check if you can easily find information on the topic.

    Note: Rogerian essay is not an argumentative essay. Where in an argumentative essay, the essay writer has to convince the audience to believe in your point of view. While in the Rogerian essay you have to go for a middle ground between your position and that of the opposition.

    If you are confused about choosing a good topic, consult a write my essay service now.

  • Read a Rogerian essay

    To get an idea of how to write a Rogerian essay, you should read at least one essay. This is how you will also get familiar with the structure of the Rogerian argument.

  • Make a list of main arguments of both sides

    Before putting pen to paper, you should research and brainstorm about the main points of both sides. You should make a list of the main arguments presented by both sides.

  • Find a middle ground

    After identifying the main arguments, you should try to find out a middle and compromising ground between the two positions. After making sure that you will be able to find a compromising ground between the two sides, you should begin writing essays.

  • Write the introduction

    With the opening statement, you will grab the attention of the readers. After that, you will introduce the problem under discussion. You will briefly give the background of the topic so that readers can understand it. In the end, you will provide a clear and concise thesis statement, which is directing towards the middle ground. If you are confused about writing a perfect introduction, hire a write my essay service now.

  • Acknowledging the opposing point of view

    Before, presenting your own views, you will present and acknowledge the point of view of the opposition very respectfully.

  • Provide your position

    After this, you should explain your point of view to the readers. You should clearly state your position, without mentioning that of opposition. You should be able to support your position by providing facts and data.

  • Finding the middle ground

    Fairly explain to the readers that you agree that the opposition is not incorrect but it needs to consider some of the aspects of your point of view. Keep in mind that you should not dismiss the position of the opposition at any point.

  • Concluding the essay

    In conclusion, you will wrap up the discussion in online essay writing. You will briefly explain the position of the opposition and that of yours. And then you will explain how the middle ground is reached between the two. You can end your essay with a call to action.

  • These tips will help you write a perfect rogerian essay or you can also ask someone to write my paper for me.

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