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As a student, if you haven't written a rhetorical essay before then it may seem like a daunting and impossible task to write at first. You don’t have to lose hope because you always have the opportunity to learn new things. You must have written academics of different types. The most common ones are descriptive essays, narrative essays, argumentative essays and many others but this one is a little different from the rest of the analysis essays.

All you need to do first is understand the fundamental structure of the essay. Writing an analysis essay becomes a piece of cake if you know a few basic things like the structure of the essay, the requirements and stages of writing an amazing essay. Unlike other types of essays, the rhetorical analysis essay involves a process in which an essay writer has to analyze the persuasive techniques used by the author to convince the reader. You have to determine to what extent the author was successful in persuading the readers through the literary devices and writing techniques used in the essay.

Does it sound difficult to you? If it does, let me help you get familiar with this type of essay to get better results. I will share the stages of writing an amazing essay to help you get started. Or you can always ask others to write essay for me

Stages of Writing an Rhetorical Essay

  1. 1. Read your Essay prompt Carefully

    First of all, you have to read the prompt thoroughly to understand the exact requirements of the essay. Your instructor can ask you to conduct a rhetorical analysis on anything like a book, an article, speech, an essay etc.

  2. 2. Introduction

    You have to describe the subject of the essay in your essay to let your audience know the topic you are writing about. Once you have clearly described the subject of your essay you can go ahead and write about the importance of the literary work that warrants a rhetorical analysis. You need to add a thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph that should state whether the author successfully delivered his message through this text or not.

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  3. 3. Body Paragraphs

    Your essay should contain at least three body paragraphs to provide enough evidence to support your thesis statement. In this stage you have to be careful that each paragraph should contain a unique idea.

    You can explain the style and tone adopted by the author to complement the theme.

    You can discuss the appeals that are used to convince the readers, whether they were strong enough to persuade the readers or the author failed to use appropriate techniques to keep the audience engaged in his work.

  4. 4. Conclusion

    The conclusion should be short and effective containing all the essential information that can grab the attention of the readers. You have to wrap the entire essay into a few lines by restating the thesis statement and reevaluating your arguments to give your final verdict about the author.

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