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Do you find the following various citation standards and styles, one of the most difficult tasks when completing your assignment? It must be a big yes Because every student thinks it is the most hectic task to follow the citation styles and add the references properly at the end of the assignment. Even though an essay writer may have written an exceptional essay but if he is unable to follow the proper citation styles he will lose the grade. That is sad and upsetting because after putting so much effort ending up getting a low grade is not fair.

No need to worry about it because I will share a few tips on how to use the standard citation styles and show you some examples as well. I know you must be wondering, “Is there someone who could write essay for me to help me get good grades”?. I am here to help you out by sharing a few useful tips to make it easier for you. Trust me following a particular Citation Style is not a big deal you just have to have a little know-how of the styles that are usually used in different kinds of academic writing.

What are Standard Citations - Examples

The most common citations that are used in assignments are

  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Chicago
  • Harvard

There are many styles you can choose that will be dictated by the discipline of the writing; for example, for most of the assignments professors assign a particular style to you. You just have to follow the templates of the citation styles that are assigned to you by your teacher. The standard citations make the document look like a professional document through proper formatting including standard number, standard title, etc.

Tips to Use Citations

  1. 1. Use in-text citations

    If you are following a particular style to write your assignment it is essential to add in-text citations accordingly. You just have to select your selected citation style and add the required information of the source you are using in your assignment. In-text citations should not be inserted in the middle of the sentence. You can add them before the period.

  2. 2. Use one citation style in a document

    If you use one citation style you have to be consistent rather than using another in the middle of the assignment. Every style has its own requirements so you have to add the information accordingly you should not mix two or more citation styles it results in getting a low grade. You need to follow one style throughout your document to make it look more appropriate and professional.

  3. 3. Add proper information of the source

    You need to add authentic information while adding in-text citation by filling each field according to the citation style. Each style has its own requirement for example name of author, date, year, etc so you have to fill all the fields. In case you are confused about adding proper information, get help from an essay writing service now.

  4. 4. Reference list

    Once you are done with your assignment you have to add a reference list at the end of your assignment to avoid plagiarism and mention the sources to give credit where you extracted the information.

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