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An argumentative essay is one of the most common forms of academic writings that you would come across. It enhances your skill to think critically about a certain topic as well as give a broad perspective about it. That way an essay writer could find a viewpoint that best suits your thinking. To add the essential credibility to your writing, follow the steps to develop an ideal argumentative essay.

Step by Step Guide

  • Scrutinize and think critically about the topic. Delve deep and find out what the world has to say and whether you agree with it or not. This would be enough to help you come up with your own perception which would serve as the basis of the entire essay.
  • Go online and start to search for the best professional works related to your own thinking or even close to it. This would provide the essential examples and ideas that you need to manage your whole text.
  • The rule of thumb for the essays is the same. 1 para for the intro, 3 for the body which includes all there is to explain and finally the conclusion.
  • Now that you have a clear idea of the side you would be supporting, it is time to develop a well-crafted thesis. It would be the driving agent behind your whole writing. It should clearly highlight what and why you chose a particular stance on the topic.
  • Use the developed thesis to build an outline. It would make sure that you know exactly what to write when the time comes. The argumentative essay outline should highlight the major points of data collection and also include the added extras based upon your own thinking. A professional writing service could help you with that in case you find it difficult to manage.
  • Do not forget, your arguments might hold no value if you are not properly justifying your ideas. For this purpose, you need to give some examples relating to the opposing ideas and show how your thinking holds an edge. The opposing viewpoints should be part of the research and one of the body paragraphs should be dedicated to managing this. You can’t explain if Ironman was right or Captain America in Civil War unless you explain both and then pick a specific side.
  • Now it is time to put your thoughts in words. Grab a hook and catch some fish. I do not mean that you need to go fishing but you do need a hook. A hook sentence would entice the audience to read your whole text based on how they start off. The more impressively you present your argument, the more readers would be pleased. Hopefully, the teachers as well because they matter the most.
  • Keep matching how you are proceeding with your outline so you don’t miss out on any relevant details that may come to haunt you later.
  • Maintain cohesiveness. It sounds difficult but it really is not. What you say in the intro and the thesis should be followed right throughout the essay. If you begin to diverge from the main storyline, the readers will most likely lose the interest.
  • Thus, drive your essay according to the interest of your audience so that they may keep their eyes on the document the whole way. The art is to keep their levels of intrigue and excitement at an all-time high till the very last line is read.

Follow the above steps to master the craft of writing a successful argumentative essay and prove your side of the story. If you are still confused, get professional help from an essay writing service at affordable rates.

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