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Persuasive writing is the most in-demand skill that the majority of colleges and universities want their students to learn. It is an art to make someone agree to your point of view through your writing on a particular argument between two or more topics or subtopics. Though, some students take it a bumpy ride to learn persuasive writing, however it is interesting and worthy of a longstanding and ever-beneficial skill.

In the following, some useful steps are given that can help a student to learn the art of persuasive writing. Reading the entire article carefully and closely will help an essay writer learn the art of writing incredible persuasive essays.

Prewriting Strategies

Before you actually begin writing your essay, you should perform the following essential steps.

  1. The first step is the topic selection. Your teacher must have already assigned you a topic. If it is not assigned, you should select a topic for your persuasive essay first.
  2. Next, you have to brainstorm and think about the topic to plan your writing. Here, you have to understand the type of audience for which you will write the essay and also decide your standpoint that you will prove through your essay or consult an essay writing service to do it for you.
  3. After you’ve made a decision, planning, and a proper mindset, you have to perform research and gather relevant and required information and resources.
  4. First, gather the data in raw format or rough draft and then organize it in a sequence where you may easily pick required information later while writing.

Crafting an Excellent Outline

After you have performed the prewriting activities, there comes the most essential and crucial step; to craft your outline for a persuasive essay. Your outline must be perfect and balanced. For instance, think about your college application essay, and how you wrote it in a compelling manner. As you organized that essay persuading your reader to agree with your point, similarly you have to create outlines for your persuasive essay. If you are confused about writing an outline, refer to a paper writing service now.

Compelling and Attention Catching Introduction

Now you have to begin writing eventually. You must keep in mind that your introduction and thesis statement must be compelling and attention-catching. It is suggested to essentially use some hook statement in the first paragraph to capture the reader’s interest. If you find troubles, you can ask some expert essay writers to write my essay, which will help you to understand how to produce a perfect introductory paragraph and the entire essay. You must keep in mind that your thesis statement will be the key agenda and your standpoint that you will prove through your essay.

Explanation or Body of the Essay

Now that you have finally covered the critical and difficult stage of your essay, you can develop your essay easily. Stay focused on your main point while writing the main body paragraphs. Use the most authentic, valid, and invaluable of the resources that you found while researching. Do not make any argument in the essay. Maintain a balance and clarity throughout the body paragraphs with the help of examples, comparisons, and references.


After you have put ample details and discussion in your essay on the topic, you have to write your conclusion. The best way to write a good conclusion is to first restate the thesis statement and then proving your claim and standpoint by summarizing and highlighting the major points in the essay.

Note: The length of the essay, the number and type of resources, references, and examples, and their forms may be used according to the requirements of the topic and the demands of the teacher. Unnecessary details will make your essay weak that will fail in the end to persuade your reader. Stick to only relatively important and essential details in your explanation so that you may easily and clearly prove your claim.

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