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Plagiarism is one of the grave academic issues taking into account the essence of the ethical approach associated with it. Plagiarism is also considered a serious intellectual offense that can result in serious consequences. It is one of the scariest dreams that I ever had because I cannot afford my career being compromised just because of plagiarism. It is one of the reasons that every time I have to complete some complex academic tasks, I always look for a professional guide and it has always proved to be the best decision.

Writing a non-plagiarized essay is truly an art, and one has to learn it by practicing and testing it. I am sharing five of the most effective tips with you, and I assure you that you will learn a lot from it. Following these tips, an essay writer will not only be able to check the academic track of his work. But you will also be able to maintain the content weightage because mere copying and pasting reduce the quality of content.

  1. 1. Understanding the context

    It is one of the most effective and tested strategies that convey, you should not copy and paste the material directly. Rather read the passage and understand the underlying content. It will not only help to write an authorized content that will be plagiarism free but it can prove to be one of the most significant grades earning tricks.

  2. 2. Use Less Quotes

    Another quick tip to avoid plagiarism is to use less number of quotes. Usually, we think that adding quotes will add to the word count and it will add to the weightage of the essay or content but the reality is inverse. Adding more quotes will increase the plagiarism even if it is properly quoted and it can compromise academic honesty. If you don’t have any other option, please rephrase the quote with proper citation.

  3. 3. Using proper citations

    It is important to add proper citations. It will not only add to the weight of content but it will help differentiate good content from the bad one. For this, be sure of the use of citations. They are required for the material that is not yours, or the ideas that are taken or rephrased from the work of some other researcher. Then, be aware that facts and common knowledge doesn’t need to be cited if you are unsure about the adequacy of text then add a source to the reference list.

  4. 4. Citation Management

    While using or consulting other writers and authors, ensure to manage citations. Firstly, maintain the record of all the sources that you have used. Don’t rely on your memory, in fact, keep a written record in the form of citation manager and EndNote. In addition, don’t use a single source, instead use multiple sources. There was a time when I asked my friend to write my essay, and that was the worst day for me as he didn’t add citations to the essay and it was returned back by my teacher with a remark “You Plagiarized it!”. I was so shocked how it could be, but then my teacher explained to me the fact that you didn’t add citations to the content that you actually paraphrased from other research studies. By following these options, you will be able to maintain the credibility of your work along with adding to the accuracy of knowledge that is quoted.

  5. 5. Use plagiarism detection software

    Sign up or purchase any of the plagiarism checking software. In the first place, following the above tricks will make your work plagiarism free, but for convenience, you can check plagiarism of your work. Then plagiarized content can be rephrased again and it will also help you gain confidence in your work.

Using these tricks you will be able to write plagiarism free content that will not only help you earn good grades but it will increase the credibility of your work. Don’t forget that citation management is a crucial feature in literature review specifically while other tips are equally applicable to all the academic tasks.

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