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An essay outline is a method of organizing and giving structure to the information in a way that can make it easier to write content logically. In academia, essay writing is common and students find it difficult due to specific formatting and structure. To cope with the issue, students should develop an outline so they can write their essay logically.

Many times teachers themselves ask for an outline before allowing for the final essay and it carries a specific proportion of marks. Therefore, students need to learn how to write a perfect outline. This article will help a custom essay writer to know more about an outline for the essay.

Structure of Outline

The common structure of the outline depends on five paragraphs. These paragraphs are further divided into three sections that are discussed below. There are two types of outlines that students can use. First is the sentence outline where writers write a complete sentence to cover a point related to the topic. The second type of outline is the topic outline that contains bullet points and writers just provide a quick overview of the work.

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In this section, writers add the main information of the essay. In the narrative essay, the writer writes as a first-person and shares his own life experience. Therefore, starting sentences known as a hook is developed to grab the attention of the readers. Due to the importance and significance of the hook writers cover any quote, fact, statement, or question at the start of an essay.

The introduction paragraph provides a thesis statement in most of the essays. However, the narrative essay is different and the writer has to share the reason for the essay. Furthermore, he can add a message to the readers in this section of the outline.

Body section

In this part, the outline has to be divided into three paragraphs. If the narrative essay is longer than the number of paragraphs can be increased in the body section. However, make sure that each paragraph covers only one main point.

Similarly, for your narrative essay outline, add a topic sentence in each paragraph, and connect your story with it. You cannot simply tell the story instead you have to connect it with the main topic and message that you want to give.

You can also add examples and facts in the outline. The main purpose should be developing a connection of the readers with the story by adding emotions or thoughts. This is why each paragraph should be relevant to each other. Also, the story should be inflow and no extra detail about experience should be discussed.


This is the last section of your outline while writing a narrative essay. In this part, you start with a topic explanation and discuss the main information of life experience. In closing sentences, you write about the impact of experience in your life and lesson for the readers. In short, you have to write a summary of the essay in a conclusion. Avoid any point addition in this part that you have not discussed earlier.

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Recheck Your Outline

After making points for each section now you have to check whether the outline is perfect or not. First, recall all-important details like date, time, objects, and people related to the experience. Then check that you have added all this information in the outline. Second, notice if you have discussed all parts of an event that are related to the topic, and no unnecessary point is added in the outline. You have to omit unnecessary details and add a more relevant point to make the outline perfect.

Furthermore, you can take help from the professional ‘ write my essay online’ service, teacher, or friend to check your outline. After making sure that the outline covers everything, start writing your narrative essay.

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