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Did you ever note the importance of an application essay? Did you notice that it can be the main reason for the very final decision taken by the admission committee? There is more than one reason for it. First of all, the application essay plays a decisive role if the changes in applications are equally based on grades and test scores. Another reason is the power of words is huge. One can achieve something great by using words. Moreover, your application essay is the one that reflects on your intentions, life and career objectives, and your choice.

Due to such significance, we must compose our application essay in the possible best way to make it influential and win.

But unfortunately, many students make critical mistakes when they write this important essay. They all know that this essay has the potential to decide either we would be accepted or rejected. But they still do not focus to avoid mistakes they make. As it has been said, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”.

Here are some critical things one must avoid when writing an application essay.

  1. 1. Starting with preambles

    The introduction of every essay needs to be the part that hooks a writer into the actual process and story. This is the place to put impressions and catch the reader’s attention. Everyone wants masterful essays but nothing can be done all alone and without having the required skills. Hence, if I would be facing such an issue I would definitely be looking for someone, who could help me to write my essay. Many students start with a very common wording that is “This essay is about”. Do you think how boring it is or what it can be? Always focus to avoid starting with boring wordings and sentences.

  2. 2. Volunteer experience

    For college and university students, volunteering and social wellbeing activities are not options. But these are the necessities to don amongst peers for college and university admission. Due to such importance, almost every admission committee members read essays with many and relevant volunteering experiences. But what do students do? Most of the time, they put only one volunteer experience which can never be enough to win. Hence, make sure you put each and every relevant volunteer experience rather than one.

  3. 3. Restating resume

    You know that you will be submitting your resume along with your application. Both of them contain educational and extracurricular experiences. So, never focus on restating your resume in your essay as these two documents will tell everything. Some students even restate their resumes several times to put an impression. But they are mistaken. Hence, always avoid restating your resume. All you need to do is to make a connection to how these achievements will benefit your future learning.

  4. 4. Using several quotes

    We suggest using a quote or statement even in the beginning. But the quote or statement must fit your situation and position. Never use quotes just because they are famous when writing your essay. The essay is about you and you must show your credibility and creativity as well as your skills in it instead of putting other’s work.

  5. 5. Unimportant vocabulary

    You remember vocabulary words you have memorized for your admission test. But never try to use them in your essay even if not necessary. Avoid using high-level vocabulary while writing the application essay that talks about you. It may destroy the voice you are using for your essay.

Once again, it is better to hire a college application essay writing service provider; if you cannot keep an eye on your word choice while writing.

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