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Most of the time, we are told to use a few direct quotes from a text to prove that we have actually read it. For most students, this becomes a mess.

I bet that most of you don’t even know when a quote should be used.

You just have to use quotations so you use them. Case closed.

Well, that’s not how things go in academic writing. There are some rules that an essay writer has to follow. Which is why I am here. To tell you how to use quotes in your thesis.

Let’s get going.

Tip #1: Introduce the Quote

If you are trying to integrate a quote then first you need to introduce it. Just don’t write things like “The following quote…”.

You just have to tell the reader what a source or an author says. So, you can start your sentence like “Critic A suggests that…”

After this, you can mention exactly what it is the critics said.

Tip #2: Integrate Short Quotes Directly

If the quote that you are going to use is a short one then you can just directly put it in your paragraph with no problem.

Just incorporate it into the text but make sure that you provide a lead-in.

If the quote is longer than four lines then you will need to state it separately, otherwise, you have no problem.

Tip #3: Discussing an Argument

Sometimes when you are discussing the arguments of others, it becomes hard to paraphrase.

You need to use the exact words so that you can give a clear picture. This is where you use quotations.

This will help you to present an argument in a clear and accurate manner.

Tip #4: Adding Emphasis

If you have found yourself with a very good source then you will definitely want to incorporate it in your text.

But if the source really is that good, then you should use the exact words of the author. When I say good sources, I mean an authoritative one.

For example, if your thesis is on slavery then the account of a slave should be directly quoted.

Tip #5: Analyzing the Language

If your thesis is based on literature or linguistics then this tip will sure come in handy to you.

Quotes are often used to analyze the language used by a certain author. You can prove your argument by quoting an author and then analyzing how they have used a particular form of language.

This technique is also used in poems where the language is analyzed to see the hidden meaning of a text.

Tip #6: Adding Variety to the Thesis

If you need to spice up your thesis a little bit then simply add a quotation and see how it changes the tone of a thesis.

I guarantee you that most papers are boring and monotonous.

So, adding a quote that has a vivid language will help to make your thesis seem interesting.

Just make sure that it relates to the topic.

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