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Finally, it’s a movie day at school or college. You must be excited. But wait! Have you prepared yourself to watch a movie? Have you kept a pen and a paper and a highlighter? Confused? Wondering why instead of recommending you snacks I am telling you to take pen and paper. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Watching a movie at school or college is a different experience as compared to watching in cinema since you got to write a review of the movie as well.

What happened? Did I just put an end to all your excitement? I know you must be thinking that watching a movie is a boring task but believe me it can be fun if you know a few tips on how to write a movie review effectively. If you are a student and are assigned a task to write a movie review, then you have landed at the right place.

Do you wanna know the secret of writing an effective review? if yes, then below are a few tips that will facilitate an essay writer in writing a movie review that will engage the readers. So without further ado let’s get started.

Watch the movie

Obviously! You can’t write a review of the movie unless you have watched it. However, this watching experience is slightly different than your normal experience since you need to keenly observe every action and every detail. It is recommended to jot down the important points so that you won’t miss any detail.

Got the data?

One of the biggest misconceptions among students is that they don’t have to do research and gather data to write a movie review. This false belief leads them to turn a paper that is not worth reading. It is imperative that you must gather data regarding the movie’s director, cast, set and costume designers, etc. If the movie is based on a historical event or any person or even if it is a book adaptation, you must perform thorough research before you kick start the writing process.

Analyze the movie

Making comments such as a movie was good or bad won’t help you in attaining good grades. Therefore, analyze the move and evaluate it on the base of different technicalities. You have to tell a brief plot and then comment on cinematography, settings, costumes, characters acting skills, etc.

Draft an outline

Once you are done collecting data and analyzing a movie, it is time to create an outline. The main aim of an outline is to provide a road map that helps you in arranging your ideas in a proper format. You need to provide examples from the movie by using dialogues or by discussing any important scene.

Proofread and edit

After writing a review, read it out loud and edit if you feel something is missing or you need to add more details. Don’t rely solely on grammar checker software that is available online rather take some time out and read every line to highlight the grammatical errors and then correct them.

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