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An essay with an average word count of 1000 words incorporates tens, if not hundreds, of ideas. And, if you are not able to make a bridge between those ideas, or those ideas lack cohesion and eloquence, it would break your writing.

Good writing has two main tenets: natural progression and unidirectional flow. And an essay writer can neither connect his ideas nor introduce them to his readers without the use of proper transitional phrases or words. More so, transitional words assist you to keep a unidirectional flow that progresses naturally. Moreover, if you want to present your reader with an emphasis, contrast, or you want to move on to the next idea, you are going to need a transition word.

Without some sort of transition, we are left connecting the dots ourselves. While this is an extreme example, it does illustrate why transition sentences are so vital to write communication.

Transition words serve the purpose of linking and signaling the relationship between words, sentences, or paragraphs. They show how certain sentences or paragraphs relate to the overall theme of your essay, develop, and connect one author's idea to the next one. In fact, these words are also sometimes called connecting words.

if you think you are not good at writing essays, or you don’t find suitable transition words for essays, the following section of this article will get you acquainted with the transition words. Additionally, while reading through the following section you will learn how to use the transition words. If confused, you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Transition Words and their Use:

These words and phrases come in handy when it comes to writing an essay because they organize your text and give it a logical structure.

Transition words can express agreement, opposition, cause, purpose, place, sequence, time, or result. They can also summarize or emphasize the most important points of your work. It all depends on what you need to express in a specific part of your essay.

Here are some examples of transitional words and expressions (divided by categories) that you can use when writing your essay:

  • Those that signal addition or ideas: besides, moreover, also, too, in the same fashion, then, in addition, in the light of, not to mention, to say nothing of.
  • Those that signal time: to begin with, eventually, whenever, during, now, prior to, soon, as soon as, as long as, thereafter, meanwhile, at the present time, presently, a minute later, finally.
  • Those that signal purpose: to this end, for this purpose, for this reason, for these reasons, with this in mind.
  • Those that show results: thereupon, forthwith, henceforth, as a result, hence, consequently, thus, so, since, therefore.
  • Those that help you summarize ideas: to summarize, on balance, to sum up, in summary, briefly, in short, on the whole, in conclusion.

Below is a list of commonly used transition words:

  • In Summation
  • Furthermore
  • Likewise
  • Similarly
  • For further clarification
  • In contrast
  • Despite
  • Alternatively
  • Admittedly
  • In summation
  • Consequently
  • Correspondingly
  • Namely
  • However
  • Therefore

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You can only judge the effectiveness of transitions used by the author by reading the text. Random use of appropriate phrases scattered here and there to connect the parts and guide the reader is highly recommended in writing. Note that there are different uses. For example, phrases used for agreement are different from those of opposition, as those used for cause are different from those used for effect.

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Kudos and best of luck!

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