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Have you faced issues in essay writing? It is okay if you have. because essay writing can be tough sometimes. It becomes a sophisticated task especially at the beginning when writers don't know how to manage small yet important details of essay writing. We have shared a few issues that students face in essay writing. An essay writer can check them to avoid it in future essay writing tasks.

Language/ Wording Issue

Whenever students start to write an essay they start with an introduction. It contains basic information about the topic followed by the area that students are going to cover. At various points, students add extra words or information that is not required.

In addition, they use the wrong tone for the essay. For instance, instead of making formal, students add informal language that decreases the quality of the essay. Therefore, always use a formal tone unless the teacher asks you to use informal language. Also, use clear and relevant sentences and avoid wordiness in your essay or you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Audience Issue

Some students don't even think about the target audience in their essays. However, it is a very crucial mistake because it results in various other essay writing problems like weak analysis, argument issue, and tone problem of the essay. This is why you have to be sure about the audience you are going to address before starting your essay. For instance, if you are writing about the obesity issue in children then your target audience will be parents. You will address parents to tell them about the issue and possible solutions for it.

Thesis Statement Issue

The most important part and the core issue of essay writing is the thesis statement. Students underestimate the importance of the thesis statement and end up with an unclear and weak thesis. You might face this issue as well in your essay. The only solution to avoid this problem is to practice and improve your thesis until it provides a clear and strong statement for the readers.

Here, we recommend you to write your thesis at the end of the essay because here, you get clear about the focus of the essay. Therefore, it becomes easier to make a strong thesis.

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Evidence issue

Your essay cannot be convincing or of high quality unless you add multiple examples and facts to support your argument. To convince the audience that your point of view is correct you have to provide them accurate and authentic reasons. Many students add arguments and explanations to prove it instead of significant examples. Therefore, don't make this mistake and collect examples relevant to your arguments and add them between the paragraphs.

Structure/Format Issue

Essay writing relies on a specific format and well-structured content. You cannot fill an empty paper with words and call it an essay. The poor structure makes the essay unclear and boring. Also, the correct format is crucial for the credibility of your work. There are various formats like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. you can use these formats or the one that the teacher asked you to use.

In addition, follow the correct structure of the essay. For instance, students follow a five paragraphs essay in which the first and last paragraphs are for intro and conclusion while remaining are inserted in the body section. Use this structure to make your essay clearer for the readers.

Referencing Issue

References are important for the reliability of your work. If you have used an outside source then it is important to add its in-text citation and reference. Students use someone else’s work and forget to add its reference in the essay.

Do not add others’ work without giving its reference otherwise, it will be considered as plagiarized work. You have to add a sufficient number of references in the correct format to avoid the doubt on the legitimacy of your data.

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