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Being a student it is the most difficult task to understand the difference between prefixes and suffixes and even more difficult is to use them in an essay. I can totally understand your frustration. Writing something you have no clue about seems like carrying a mountain on your shoulder.

Don’t you don’t have to carry the burden all alone, I am here for you to share your burden by helping you out doing your work. I will share an ultimate guideline with you that will surely help you understand how you can use prefixes and suffixes in your essay to get good grades.

What Are Prefixes?

Prefixes are known to be a group of letters that are added beginning of the word to change its meaning. The use of prefixes modifies the meaning of a word by either making it negative, repetitive, etc. Here are a few examples of prefixes.

  1. -Dis
  2. -Un
  3. -In
  4. -Re

What are Suffixes?

Suffixes are known as the letters that are added at the end of the word to modify its meaning. When a suffix is added either the meaning of that particular word changes or it signals the part of speech by indicating verb tense. Down below are some of the examples of suffixes.

  1. -Ed
  2. -Ly
  3. -Ing

Ultimate Guide To Use Prefixes and Suffixes

There are a few rules of adding prefixes and suffixes that should be followed by the writer.

  1. 1. The spelling of the word does not change

    When you add a prefix to a particular word its spellings should not be changed. You just have to add a prefix at the beginning of the word to change its meaning without modifying the original spellings of the word.

  2. 2. Use of Hyphen

    A hyphen must be used when a prefix is added at the beginning of the word. It identifies that the prefix is used along with the original word.

  3. 3. Spelling changes

    Incase of suffix the spelling of the original word can be changed if the word is one syllable and it ends with one consonant and the double letters at the end. For example, Tip can be changed into tipping and run into running.

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