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Writing an essay demands you to focus completely and then compose a writing worth of reading. It is not always easy to write an essay but if you follow the rules, you can lessen the burden of it. Like other essays, a narrative essay also has some set of rules which you must follow. The most basic rule of writing a narrative essay is to use the first person. It is because when writing this type of essay, you are required to share your feelings and the impact of personal experience. The best way to do so is to use the first person.

Before we talk more about why the first person must be used in this type of essay, it is necessary to see what is the first person in grammar and how it should be used. First-person is the way of describing the point of view and it is written using the I or We perspective. The most obvious way to judge the perspective of the sentence is if it uses the first-person pronoun. The first pronoun will indicate that the writer is talking about themselves. Just like when we talk about ourselves, we speak in the first person, we tend to write in the first person as well in such an essay. The plural first-person pronouns include We, our, us, and ourselves while the singular first-person pronouns are I, my, me, myself, and mine.

The other ways are second and third person. In academic writing, an essay writer must always write in the third person. It is considered informal to write in the first or second person when writing a formal type of writing. However, this is not the same in the case of a personal narrative essay as you must describe your topic from your perspective or narrate a story. This type of essay can be written in formal or informal tone but both these formats will include the use of first-person.

The main purpose of using the first person is to engage the reader and let them feel exactly how you did in your experience. The topic can be funny, emotional, compelling, motivating, or tragic. But all these are required to be penned down with first-person pronouns so that it creates an emotional impact. Remember to keep the tone of the essay genuine and polite. If you are unsure about your writing skills, consult an essay writing service now.

Reading this, you must have realized that the use of first-person is not a grammar requirement but it is also significant for creating an impact on the reader. However, some students do not fully understand the use of first-person and overuse ‘I’ in every sentence. This type of essay requires you to include all the minor details of your experience but starting each line with ‘I’ does not look good. The better alternative is to use different first-person pronouns. In this way, the essay will be grammatically correct and also attractive to read. If you are still confused, ask others to write essay for me at affordable rates.

Lastly, read your essay aloud to make sure that you have correctly used the first person throughout the essay. One of the common mistakes is that the students shift from using the first person to second or third. It not only destroys the flow of the essay but also confuses the reader. You can also hire a paper writing service to proofread your essay for you.

Run your essay through grammar checking software to ensure that there are no such types of mistakes. Or an even easier method is to ask your friend to read it for you. Correct all such grammar mistakes. It is because if there are these types of mistakes then no matter how impactful your essay is, you won’t be able to leave the same effect on the reader.

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