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Do you ever get confused about using prepositions accurately in your academic writing? If yes, then you do not have to worry about it because it is not rocket science. Some students get exhausted while writing a boring and lengthy essay.

If you are amongst those students who hate writing a lengthy essay with proper grammar and prepositions not because you are not good at it but your teacher is too fussy and ends up giving you low grades. I know in this kind of situation you can’t help but wish if someone could write my paper for me. Here I am going to help you understand how to use prepositions in a sentence to complete it without sounding sloppy.

Without wasting any further time let's get started!

What Are Prepositions?

Prepositions are the words that make a connection between the thoughts and the ideas to make sense out of it. Prepositions are used to help readers and listeners understand the direction, movement and the purpose and the cause of the story or of an essay.

There are certain rules to use prepositions in an essay to choose an appropriate preposition of each sentence. You have to memorize those rules to use accurate prepositions in your essay.

Ways To Use Preposition In Essays

  1. 1. Direction

    When you have to refer to the direction of a certain subject you need to use a proposition to make it more clear and understandable. For example you can use “to” “in” into” “onto” to define the direction of a subject. You can use any of these prepositions in your essay to ensure the directions or the placing of any object or a condition.

  2. 2. Time

    You should use appropriate prepositions to define time in your essay. There are several conditions and situations which require time definition. You have to use prepositions like “in” “at” “on” etc. When specifically you have to define time like you gotta use at and when you are not referring to the number you can use” in” “at” etc.

  3. 3. Place

    An appropriate preposition needs to be used for place in your essay as well. When you have to define a particular place and connect it with an object you may use the prepositions like “inside” “in” “at” etc

  4. 4. Spatial Relationship

    You can use prepositions like “above” “across” “against” “ahead” etc to refer to the spatial relationships. You have to ensure that you use correct prepositions in your essays to convey meaning to the readers.

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