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Ever sat through a persuasive speech?

Did you try to identify what the speaker was doing?

Yes! You got it right! The speaker was trying to convince the audience that whatever has been presented in their speech is true and must be accepted by every member of the audience as cold, hard facts.

Of course, the speaker has an ethical responsibility as there should only be the deliverance of credible evidence and factual information. But the essay writer, after presenting a thesis statement, more or less succeeds in convincing the audience about their position on the matter. Therefore, the specific types of persuasive speeches play an instrumental role in the essence of the message. The main three types of persuasive speeches are revolving around particular notions or abstractions that can be defended through the use of reasoning and credible data. Therefore, the three types of persuasive speeches answer the following types of questions;

Questions that are answered by persuasive speeches:

  1. Of policy
  2. Of value
  3. Of fact

Let’s dig into the details of these three modes of persuasive speeches one by one,

  • Of Policy

    The questions that revolve around policy interrogate and require the speaker to inform the audience in favor of an appropriate course of action. This type of speech is used almost every day by political candidates and it can also be used in the determination of the potential behavior of the public in an interpersonal context. The speaker typically starts the speech by giving a description of the status quo. If the argument is to be made about a change that is necessary the problem in the current pattern has to be identified first. Then steps in the process vary with the speaker having to demonstrate that this problem is highly significant and calls for immediate consideration.

  • Of Value

    Here the underlying propositions strive to make an evaluative or analytical claim about the wisdom, desirability or molality of an issue. The speakers have to judge the worth of anything which is related to its counterparts or substitutes. For instance, if vegetarians are able to trace their perspective back to the philosophy of animal rights then the vegetarian persuasive speaker can propose that slaughtering animals and eating their meat is immoral. Through this type of persuasive speech, the speaker can also compare different options in pursuit of determining that which is the best. Marketing advisor of any company can give a persuasive speech favoring the product of his company. In this speech, the advisor can enlist 10 similar products that have been launched in a given year and convince the audience about the hidden benefits of the chosen product.

  • Of fact

    The abstractions which revolve around any proposition of fact initially seem to be very straight forward. For example, if the speaker asks if something can be verified as either truth or a falsification, the audience may have an answer at the top of their heads. In reality, pinning personal opinion on one of the two options is a complex process. The speaker can ask a simple question at the start of the speech. For example if the speaker asks, is the sky blue? This question should not be taken as a straightforward question rather the audience should know that it deals with deep-rooted controversies that are associated with global warming. This type of persuasive speech which revolves around propositions of fact also tackles the potential existence of any phenomenon. It also strives to accept or deny the accuracy of theory and through the art of persuasion, the speaker can impose their opinion on the audience.

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