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If you are working on a research paper, then I must wish you well because what you are doing is not easy. At all.

It is a tough job and only suited for tough folks.

But if an essay writer is hell-bent on writing a research paper then let me tell you something about how to write one.

A research paper is divided into many sections and each and every one of them is very important.

If you want to write a research paper then you have to get these sections right so let’s get going.

Section 1: Abstract

In this portion, you just have to summarize what your paper will be about. Just tell the reader what the focus of your paper is and what is the problem.

Mention what you are trying to tackle here and what exactly it is that you are trying to prove.

An abstract won’t be long so make it brief.

Section 2: Background

If you have any details about your problem that you need to mention to make the subject easier to understand, then do it here.

Mention the context of the problem and how it has evolved to the point that it needs research.

Also, speak of any other details that you think are important.

Section 3: Methods

In this section, you will include the methods used to reach your results. This section should give a very clear description of how exactly it is that your experiment was conducted.

So, if you have conducted a randomized controlled trial, then you will mention the number of participants and how they were interviewed.

Section 4: Research

Finally, you will mention what exactly you have discovered from the experiment that you have conducted.

What are the results of your experiment? What have you found based on all the information that you gathered?

Simply state your findings in a logical manner and do not discuss them. That’s for the next section.

Section 5: Discussion

Now that you have stated your new findings, you will discuss them. This means that you have to analyze what you have found and dig in for the deeper meaning behind your findings.

What do your findings represent? What do they mean?

Also, try to show how these findings are important.

Section 6: Limitations

This can be a part of the discussions section or it can be a separate section. The point is that here you will clearly mention anything that limited your research.

For example, if you were unable to conduct research on a large scale then mention this.

The reader should know this information and not giving any such information is unethical.

Section 7: Conclusion

Here you can simply wrap up your paper. Mention the main idea, how you conducted research, what you found, and its implications.

At last, you will also include a reference page and mention all the books or articles that helped you in your research.

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