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If you are new at this writing thing then the thing that annoys you most would be paragraphs.

It is really annoying.

An essay writer has to sort out all the stuff and then divide it into proper bits. Form a structure and all. It just makes life so much harder for you.

So, why should you do it? I know, you just want to write it all in a single paragraph and be done with it.

But you can’t do that. Yes, that’s right. You can’t do that. Why? Well, let me explain it to you in a simple way.

Reason #1: Readability

Paragraphs are so important because they make it easier to read stuff. Think of it yourself. If you had to read a paragraph of 2 pages, would you read it? I wouldn’t.

That’s because it is hard to concentrate on it.

Text is broken up into small paragraphs so that the reader can pick up the important stuff and read it.

But with a single paragraph, that is not possible so the readability is decreased a lot.

Reason #2: Understanding

Also, it is far easier to understand a text that is divided into paragraphs. A single paragraph bored the reader.

You get frustrated because you see no end to it and it gets really annoying after a while. So, your understanding decreases.

Now, if you have multiple paragraphs then that won’t be a problem.

That’s because the reader gets breaks between paragraphs and that gives them the relief they need.

Reason #3: New Ideas

Paragraphs allow us to explore new ideas. In formal essays, all the ideas and points are connected. They are interrelated and they all lead back to the thesis.

But at the same time, these points are all individual units.

For example, one body paragraph in an essay discusses Point A but the second paragraph will discuss Point B. Both paragraphs discuss different stuff.

So, when you have a new or different idea, you put it in a new paragraph.

Reason #4: Structure

There is no doubt in the fact that essays and papers are structured. Well, it is the paragraphs that help to define this structure.

Think about it. When you create an outline, you think of what you will put in the introduction.

Then you think of what goes in the first body paragraph and then the second and so on.

The structure of your essay is based on the division of paragraphs. If you don’t have this division then your paper will be a mess. In case you need help with structuring your essay, get help from an essay writing service now.

Reason #5: It Looks Good

Look! Aesthetics are important. Maybe not for you. But they are certainly important for your professor.

Remember how when we were kids and our teachers told us to make our handwriting pretty? And how the student with the best handwriting was praised so much?

It is kind of like that.

Also, no one wants to read an essay that does not look good. That’s a fact. A single paragraphed paper will repel others so just don’t do that.

A Bit of Advice for You!

I understand your confusion and hesitation. I have been through the same as a student. But now I know better.

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