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A citation is a method of creating reference in a custom essay either as in-text citation or endnote/footnote. Citation is very important as it shows your professor and readers that a writer has spent time learning. The definition of academic misconduct, integrity and plagiarism provides an important reason for citing sources in your research. When you are writing a research paper or essay, you can feel sometimes that you are merely including quotations to support your argument. The teacher may ask a writer to use sources so that his or her thinking skills get improved. Here are reasons for citing.

To Maintain Academic Integrity & to Avoid Plagiarism

Keep in mind! you are misrepresenting your achievements by not giving proper credit to others’ work. Plagiarism occurs when you take others' ideas without acknowledging. It is considered a very serious crime. If you’re unsure about any plagiarized content in your paper, you can place a proofreading request with ‘write my essay online’ academic services, who can help you fix your sources and paraphrase your content. Remember, plagiarism indicates a lack of academic integrity. and you can also get punished such as failing grades or university expulsion.

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To Acknowledge Others Work

The main reason for citations is to give credit where it is due. By citations, you are acknowledging the hard work of a person who has gone into research. Just think about efforts and time you have put into your work whether reports, essays or academic jobs. If someone else took all credit of your words and ideas, would that seem right? Obviously not! You would definitely expect others to recognize your efforts.

To Provide Credibility to Your Own Work

Do you know! providing the right citations to put your ideas or work into an academic context by telling your readers what others have said in the same research area. This gives authority and credibility to all your claims. Suppose, you are writing about construction and sustainability, then it’s important to support your claims with the authentic research of others. This will provide your work credibility and authenticity.

Other than this, citing sources will also show the diversity of approaches and views on the topic. Citing a source means that you took figures, ideas, words, images, etc. in your work from some authentic sources. It is a way to give credit to published work such as chapters, books, websites, and articles. Citations are found in a reference list in biographies and also found in book databases and articles. It also comprises of all elements that are important to track and identify publications including.

  • Titles of journals, books, and articles
  • Authors Name
  • Publication Date
  • Issue and Volume numbers
  • Page Numbers

Citations usually look different and depend on what style was used and what is being cited. Different disciplines require different citation formats such as a person who writes about literature uses MLA style, social scientists and psychologists use APA style and Chicago style is mainly used by historians. Choose a citation format according to the instructions provided by your teachers. If you have any problem in any citation styles then the best way is to get help from professional writers who can provide you with high-quality model essays or research papers with proper citations. It will also help you identify your own errors and learn from them

Helps you to locate sources

Whether you use a summary, direct quotation or paraphrase, it is very important that you differentiate the original source from your own words and ideas and explain how this fits your own arguments. The correct citations will help you as an essay writer or researcher to keep track of the information and sources that you have used in your essay or research paper.

Although accurate citations take your effort but save your time in the long run. Thus, you can always consult a cheap essay writing service to get it done now.

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