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Have you ever felt overwhelmed and anxious when your instructor refrains you from using several words and phrases that you use in daily life? There are many words that a write my paper for me service uses casually in the thesis, research, or essay. But we can not really use those phrases and words in your formal academic writing.

You don’t have to feel anxious because you got to write an academic essay but you do not know how to write a formal essay. Don’t worry because I’m about to explain and outline specific words and phrases you should avoid while writing a high school essay, and make it clear which words and phrases are appropriate for your essay. If you follow these instructions you would get a better grade in your class and surprise your hard-to-impress professor.

So. let’s get started.

What Words And Phrases Should Be Avoided In Academic Writing?

  1. 1. Too informal expression

    Since you are writing an extremely professional and formal document, you should avoid using too informal expressions that you may use in daily life. Remember the academic writing requires too professional and formal language. There is no need to add informal expressions like alas, Ouch, oh, etc.

  2. 2. Avoid Slangs

    You should take care while essay writing online that you do not use slang words in your essay. Slang words are not appropriate to be written in a thesis, research paper, essay, or in a report. You need to be very straight forward, precise, and formal while writing a formal document. Use proper English instead of shortcuts that are generally used in texting through mobile phones.

  3. 3. Avoid using too simple and unsophisticated words

    Using too flat and simple words can make your document feel like elementary level so it is better not to use too simple words like good, bad, etc. Instead, use some powerful words that can make your document look professional and more formal.

  4. 4. Avoid writing too vague and ambiguous phrases

    If you use too vague phrases it will give a poor impression to the reader. Try to write clear and vivid sentences instead of writing unclear and ambiguous sentences. You have to ensure that the meaning of your sentence should be clear to you and to the reader as well. Don’t use too long sentences as well.

  5. 5. Incorrect phrases and words

    Some words and phrases are used incorrectly even by the native speakers that you assume that they are correct. It is important not to use such words in your writing because it can spoil; your grade. Using generally incorrect phrases and words should be avoided in academic writing.

General Tips

  1. You may not use cliches in your writing as well
  2. Avoid using jargons that are difficult to be understood by the reader
  3. Everyday abbreviations should also be avoided such phone, phone fridge, etc
  4. Avoid using idioms that are too common
  5. Avoid using short forms of the words

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