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Analytical Essay - Writing Guide and Tips

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Published on: Apr 19, 2023

Last updated on: Jun 2, 2023

analytical essay

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Analytical skills are something without which someone cannot survive in an academic career. This makes the analytical essays key to help you out throughout your academic and even professional career.

Students are often assigned to write such essays in middle and high schools. Not just in academic and professional matters but analytical skills play a major role in the betterment of one’s personal life. Writing analytical papers enhance your capability of thinking critically and explaining your point of view to others.

Read this blog and learn everything you need to write a strong analytical essay and impress your audience.

Analytical Essay Definition

An analytical essay is basically a written form of argument that we put forth in front of a certain audience group. The paper is later on analyzed on the basis of facts and claims stated in it.

An analytical essay aims to persuade the reader of a certain thing. The writer does this by providing authentic facts and figures from authentic sources.

Such types of articles can be written on various topics including some published books, an article, or even a movie or drama. An analysis paper is something beyond an abstract of the issue.

However, in this kind of article, you have to go past the basic level of investigation. Take a lookout for what the key contentions of the residing issue are and what is the reason for its occurrence. Since everything needs analysis, the analytical essay can be written on almost anything.

Analytical Essay Format

This type of essay is no different from any other essay. Like all the essays have an introduction, body, and a very composed conclusion, analytical essays are written the same way.

The only thing which differs is the content in the previously mentioned parts. Long story short, this type of essay format is very much the same as the format for any other essay.

Also, some additional things which this type of essay might have some time are as follows:

  • A thesis statement for your topic of argument.
  • Relevant and supportive analysis of your thesis statement.
  • Facts and examples to support your claim.

Since this is a critical essay, you have to ensure that everything you state is worthy of proving and analyzing the point well.

How to Start an Analytical Essay?

The main thing which makes your analysis strong is the understanding of the topic you are writing on. Apart from the topic, there are a few steps you need to take care of.

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1. Choosing the Topic

The right topic can make your essay understandable for readers like no other thing. Choose a topic that is interesting for you as well as for the readers as well.

The topic should discuss both the negative and positive aspects of an unbiased and fairway. A Critical essay does not just benefit the writer but it has a major impact on its reader and it lets the readers choose between what is correct and incorrect.

2. Brainstorming

Brainstorming ideas for your topic will help you identify a stance you can take on the topic. Think of points and ideas from different angles and choose the best perspective.

You can always get help from other external sources. Research the topic and find patterns and ideas that will support your argument. These pieces of information are often important and help in forming a great thesis statement.

3. Conduct Research

In order to support your thesis statement, gather facts and evidence. Analytical essay works on both primary and secondary sources of information.

In researching the topic under study, you will see how people have to compromise freedom of speech, privacy, and free movement. Choose this information to discuss in your essay to support your point.

4. Create a Thesis Statement

It is important to learn how to write a thesis statement for an analytical essay. A thesis statement is the essence of an essay. It gives the whole idea of your essay to the reader.

It can be a single sentence of a group of two or three sentences. Make sure that you use the strongest and meaningful words.

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5. Draft an Outline

An essay outline is an essential component of an analytical essay. It guides the reader through the essay and keeps an essay well-structured.

An outline has the following major elements:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs 1
  • Body paragraphs 2
  • Body paragraphs 3
  • Conclusion

The writing procedure can be made by following the simple steps mentioned above.

Moreover, the facts used must be thoughtful and must have a strong base to make sure that the readers are well convinced. It also lets you be skeptical of a certain group of things.

In case you're composing a logical article about a chunk of an article or research paper provided. You will have to analyze how the content was composed and why the writer decided to compose it that way.

How to Write an Analytical Essay?

Now, coming towards the way of writing an analytical essay. Down below are some points which can be your key to writing and structure your analytical essay. Moreover, this is a standard way of writing an analytical essay.


Writing an interesting essay introduction for an analytical essay is the most important thing. The introduction always must be the most attention-gaining part of the essay. Thus, it should use the most strong but understandable words.

Moreover, the introduction should reflect on the main topic. The reader should gain an idea of the topic just by reading a few introductory lines.

You might give a little touch to the background and reason why you are writing on this topic in your introduction.

Body Paragraphs

An analytical essay ideally has three to four body paragraphs, each one of them covering and explaining a different point of research and analysis.

A paragraph should always begin with a topic sentence that should let the reader know the point which will be discussed in this particular paragraph.

Afterward, make a composed analysis on the point you have discussed and state down all the information you have related to it. Add supporting evidence to support the point you have mentioned in the respective paragraph.

In short, a body paragraph should include the following elements:

  • Introductory and explanatory.
  • Point of analysis
  • Facts and evidence to support your statements.

Usually, there are three body paragraphs in an analytical essay that discuss the various points of pondering.


The conclusion of an essay is only about summarizing the main points. It only overlooks all written in the essay and you just have to highlight the key points you have mentioned earlier. Wrap it up by just comprehending the key points and focus on the main topic.

Just like the introduction, the conclusion should also be capable of explaining what the topic was all about since there are so many people who might go for reading the conclusion in order to get the idea of your type of essay. Generally, the conclusion should include the following points:

  • Comprehension of the thesis.
  • Summary of key points.
  • Final thoughts

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Proofreading is a simple process in which you read your paper and try to find spelling or grammatical mistakes. It is a very simple yet important step.

A professional and good writer never skip this step as this process makes an essay flawless. It is recommended to repeat this process more than one time to make sure that no errors are left behind.

Analytical Essay Examples

To understand things in a better way, examples can help a lot. So here are a few examples of well-written argumentative essays.

Give these examples a read and use them as a guide to writing a good analytical essay yourself.

Analytical Essay Topics

  • How can a person be influential?
  • Why does our society not accept weak people?
  • Why is our brain referred to as a computer?
  • Why do people have different natures?
  • How can UV rays impact our planet?
  • How can generation gaps affect relations between parents and children?
  • Why is religion a cause of conflict most of the time?
  • Why is ecology getting worse day by day?
  • Are aliens for real?
  • Why do we have a feeling of anger?
  • Why are alcoholics considered dangerous?
  • Why do many people find graffiti interesting?
  • How is donating blood a healthy activity?
  • Why are optimistic people considered the best?
  • How do pets help older people to be happy?
  • Why should we respect nature?

Analytical Essay Writing Tips

Analytical essays are an important type of essay as the writer has to help the reader make the right decision.

It is important to mention here one should always try to select a unique topic or a topic that has never been analyzed before. This will increase both the skills, knowledge, and level of creativity of the writer.

Apart from the topic, a few things below can help you make your piece of writing better.

  • Creative Mind

    It is the main tool for getting a unique idea. Make your thoughts touch all possible aspects and make your horizon broad enough to incorporate both negative and positive aspects. It is recommended to write down everything roughly initially research.

    This can be done with the help of the web, a previously existing thesis statement, or any other valid resource.

  • Analysis

    After gathering the initial data, do a thorough analysis and extract the data which you think is helpful for you in writing the analytical essay. Again, try to select a specific topic and be precise.

  • Evaluation

    This is yet another important point to work on. Once you have selected the topic for the essay, evaluate it by consulting someone you think is more experienced and can guide you well. You may do this by yourself with the help of the internet.

  • Titling

    A good tile will do half of your job. Since the title alone speaks for the complete article, so try to make the title as eye-catching as possible.

Writing an essay is something that does not have any boundaries. Specifically, when it comes to writing an analytical essay, there are uncountable facts and examples which one can discuss.

But everything cannot be stated so; you have to keep things precise and on point. So try to stay composed and try valid and tested facts and figures to make the whole thing easy for you to defend.

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Barbara's qualifications include a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working practically in the medical field. With her research experience on various health issues, she is skilled in writing papers that offer new perspectives on healthcare topics. Many of her works have been published across multiple renowned publications.

Barbara's qualifications include a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working practically in the medical field. With her research experience on various health issues, she is skilled in writing papers that offer new perspectives on healthcare topics. Many of her works have been published across multiple renowned publications.

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