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We're here to make things easy for you! If there is anything else that needs attention, just send an email or chat with one of our customer support staff members. They will be more than happy to help out in any way possible. So don't hesitate to reach out if something comes up. We always love hearing from customers!

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As a valued customer, we want to provide you with the most comfortable payment plan possible. We offer two different types of options for this reason. One where customers can pay upfront and another that requires them to prepay 50% and rest after the paper is delivered.


  • Free Proofreading
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  • 50% Upfront Payment:

    The pre-pay option is a great way to try us out before making the full financial commitment. You can have 50% of your order paid when you receive it and are completely satisfied. You can get it revised for free till then!

  • 100% Advance Payment

    We still have plenty of old clients, and we’re happy to serve as a reliable source when it comes time for your next paper. So, you can also pay the whole amount upfront. We know you deserve only the best from us, so once you receive your paper, you can ask for unlimited free revisions. If anything goes wrong, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

We use the latest encryption technology to ensure your payment is safe and secure. You can choose between different methods of payments: MasterCard or Visa for credit card transactions; American Express & Discover Network if you would rather make debit purchases - just select whichever works best!

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You'll receive email notifications once your work is ready. Check over the final copy carefully. Make sure everything looks great before submitting. Or, ask our writers if you need any last-minute edits.

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    If you decide to pay 50% of the cost upfront, we’ll send you an encrypted copy of your paper. It is reviewable and you can check it to make sure everything looks good. Then we’ll be waiting for the rest of the payment from your side to send you a downloadable copy of your paper.

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    For those of you who paid the whole amount upfront will directly receive a downloadable copy of your paper along with a FREE plagiarism report. You can download your paper and submit it then and there!

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The customer care staff at our company is always ready and willing to help you with any questions or concerns. The live chat option on the website makes it easy, quick, and free. So don’t hesitate – just ask away!

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