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Learn How to Write a Movie Review Like a Professional Critic

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Published on: Sep 14, 2020

Last updated on: Jun 2, 2023

How to Write a Movie Review

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A movie review is a form of journalism that provides a point of view about the film. Movie reviews can be written from many different perspectives, but they are most often written from the critic’s perspective.

The great thing about being a movie critic is that you get to share your opinion. In addition, your perspective on the film can be an important contribution to other viewers who might not have seen it yet.

Are you looking for a way to spice up your critical writing? Do you want to know how the professionals do it?

In this blog post, you will learn to write professional reviews by analyzing and critiquing one of your favorite movies.

Writing movie reviews is one of the most difficult genres in all of journalism, but you'll be well on your way with these few simple steps. So let’s get this started!

What is a Movie Review?

A movie review is a detailed analysis and reporting of the writer's view on film. To write great, engaging reviews, you have to analyze themes like plots, personal opinions, and a critical perspective.

To write a great movie review, you have to do your homework. You need research and analysis of the movie but also an honest view from the writer's perspective. The combination of an analytical approach and creative skills will help you craft a thorough, well-written piece.

A good reviewer does not hesitate to tell their target audience that they think it was worth watching or not, so make sure that you're clear with your opinion.

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Important Elements of a Movie Review

A movie review is a holistic evaluation of the film as an entity, rather than focusing solely on individual aspects like plot or acting. Instead, they contain all these various elements, shaping your overall opinion about them and allowing you to analyze them more clearly.

A decent movie review must have the following elements:

  • Title

Titles are important and should not just be included in the headlines. They need to appear throughout your text as well, so make sure you put them there.

  • Plot

The plot is a very important element that you need to pay attention to. Make sure the readers know what they're getting into and how it all ties together without giving away any spoilers.

  • Filmmaker

A filmmaker is an important person, don't forget to discuss their personality. Introduce the person behind the film with some background information also on the controversial and political side.

  • Actors

The cast of a movie is one of the most important factors that it has. Your review should mention if they could act well or not and make sure you talk about any skills required for their character roles.

  • Creative Elements

Creative elements are key to a successful film. Therefore, your review should mention and analyze the creative aspects, such as costumes design, lighting, camera work, or sound.

How to Write a Movie Review?

Writing a movie review may seem like an impossible task, but it can be learned easily.

Thinking about how to write a good movie review?

Knowing the format of your opinion and interestingly presenting them will help you impress everyone. Here are steps on how to write a movie review:

  • Watch the Movie

Watch the movie with a notepad and pen in hand, taking notes as you go. The best way to understand it all is by being conscious of what's going on around me while watching.

  • Research the Movie

It's important to watch the film at least three times if you want your research done to uncover some significant information. Such as the filmmaker's identity and events that lead to the film, plot summary, location, symbolism, etc.

  • Create the Movie Review Outline

A great way to organize your review is with an outline. It's a framework on which you can build the rest of your review and make it easier for readers. The following is a template for movie review:

? Introduction

  • ? Title of the movie
  • ? Date released
  • ? Some Background information
  • ? Characters
  • ? Director

? Summary of the movie

? Analysis of plot and creative elements

? Opinions (include examples to back up your arguments)

  • ? Characters
  • ? Camera techniques
  • ? Colors
  • ? Mood
  • ? Symbols
  • ? Dialogues
  • ? Tone
  • ? Costumes
  • ? Special effects

? Conclusion

Analyze the Movie

After watching the movie, start to analyze it critically. Evaluate each point in detail and note down what you think of that particular scene or line said by one of its actors. Once done analyzing all aspects of your perspective for any given film, you can write a good review.

Include Examples

A great movie review is more than just a general statement. It needs to include relevant examples and observations about what you have seen, such as acting or cinematography.

Your opinion of this particular piece of media should be supported by evidence from your perspective. It will help to capture readers’ attention, especially those who haven't seen it themselves.

Ensure that all aspects are mentioned, so there's no room left without reasoning behind why something was done one way instead of another.

Write Your Review

After gathering all the required information and examples, you can start writing your paper by following the outline. Make sure to create an exciting introductory paragraph that will keep readers engaged throughout their read-through (or listen).

After introducing them to everything, they need to know about the said topic clearly and move on, to avoid leaving any area unexplored. It might also be wise at points during body paragraphs where you offer additional details or insights. Finally, to mention something relevant again while connecting it back towards what has already been discussed earlier.

Edit Your Final Draft

Once you are done with the writing process, make changes and rewrite it again. Editing is an important part of creating any good piece of work, so don't skip this step. Check for common mistakes as well as missing words or anything else wrong with your text before submitting.

The steps explained above could be used for writing a movie review no matter what level you are at. Have a look at the following example to learn to write a perfect review in no time.

How to Write a Movie Review - Example

Movie Review Example

To better understand what makes up an effective movie review, take a look at this sample movie review.

Movie Review Topics

Here are some great movie review topics that will help you decide on the best way to present your work.

  • Write a film review on Burning Cane Movie
  • A review of Titanic Movie
  • Write A Review on 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • A Comparison between Harry Potter Book and Movie
  • Discuss symbolism in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Movie
  • An honest review of the Inception Movie.
  • The Lion King Movie Review
  • Film criticism of Back to the Future
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Review
  • Write a review about the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice

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Caleb S. derives the most satisfaction from helping students reach their educational aspirations. With a Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has ample experience in writing that he can use to aid those who request his assistance. Focusing on his client's necessities, he always goes the extra mile to deliver first-rate service.

Caleb S. derives the most satisfaction from helping students reach their educational aspirations. With a Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has ample experience in writing that he can use to aid those who request his assistance. Focusing on his client's necessities, he always goes the extra mile to deliver first-rate service.

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