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Complete Acceptance Speech Guide: Outline, Tips & Examples

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Published on: Aug 10, 2020

Last updated on: Aug 8, 2023

Acceptance Speech

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There's a lot of pressure to impress the audience and say all the right things when you're giving an acceptance speech. Speaking in front of people can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! We know it will be your big day, and you'll be standing in front of a crowd.

But you've been waiting for this moment all your life, and now it's finally happening. So what are you going to say?

The pressure is on you to deliver a speech that will make everyone feel proud of you. What should you do? Does this seem like too much work?

Check out our blog post on how to write a great acceptance speech. Also, we share some tips to help you deliver the speech more confidently. So let’s get this started.

Acceptance Speech Definition

An acceptance speech is a special occasion speech delivered by someone who has received an award, honor, or reward. It's an opportunity for the person who receives an honor or prize to share their feelings of being recognized by others.

The main purpose behind giving such speeches is often expressing gratitude towards those awarding them. These honors either directly or indirectly through thankings lists at the end of the presentation. Present your vision with humility for the people who have bestowed this great honor on you.

This type of special occasion requires preparation. Knowing in advance about the award you are going to receive can help with your preparations. But if you don't know, it's also important not to procrastinate and instead write out what you're feeling.

Also, you can gather thoughts from other people who have been honored before. They'll be able to offer their insight on how to best express gratitude for this recognition.

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Acceptance Speech Outline

The structure of an acceptance speech is given below.

Introductory Paragraph

The opening of a speech is the most important part, as it sets the tone for what will follow. This section should have an attention grabber or connect to the audience by highlighting common ground.

Every award ceremony starts with an introduction. Then, the presenter will thank the event organizers, introduce themselves and their organization. Also, the presenter takes a moment for some self-deprecating humor or lighthearted jokes.

TThis speech section can be tricky because it needs to bridge what has come before with what comes after.

It is the first and most important section of your acceptance speech. It opens up a formal discussion or offers some attention-grabbing hook sentence that leaves you wanting more.

The major goal of this introduction is to convey enthusiasm and joy upon getting honor and recognizing those who are present.

Body Paragraphs

The acceptance speech is a time to be honored and share your thoughts. It's also the perfect opportunity for you to inspire others or thank them in person.

The body paragraphs include the major concepts that will be used to create an exciting and engaging speech.

In these, you can express gratitude, show off some personality, and talk about what it means to win this award.

Below is the overview of important elements of an acceptance speech. It should be included in every successful acceptance speech.

  • Introduce yourself to your audience with a sentence or two about who you are. Also, what's been happening until this point, and why they are here.
  • Name each person individually by thanking them for their support.
  • Describe anything from how life has changed since receiving the award, leading to what success means for you. Also, specify examples wherever possible, including stories when relevant.

Here is a detailed explanation of these elements of an acceptance speech.

  • Gratitude Expression

There are a few important components that must be included in the major body of an acceptance speech. Let's take a look at what they entail.

First off, when it comes to introductions and transitions, you should include opening remarks for the audience. Also, mention features about your accomplishment being recognized with this award.

It will generate different emotions in people. After that, transition smoothly into talking about who you are outside of these accomplishments. This will help some people to see themselves in those experiences too. Finally, wrap up by expressing your gratitude to all those who have helped and supported you throughout your journey.

It can be your family members, mentors, and supporters in organizations that nominated and awarded you for excellence. This opportunity also provides a chance to share how thankful and honored you are with your nomination.

In addition, other people in your life have helped to make all these things possible. So give one moment or more of your time to thank them too.

  • Acknowledge Your Competitors

Yet, it's also important to acknowledge your fellow nominees. Regardless of the competition that may exist between you and them, they are often close friends too. So, make sure you give a shout-out to these brilliant performers.

Also, when you get nominated to an award ceremony, it is a time of celebration for all involved. You will be celebrating with your competitors and some close friends. They are the ones who put in their hard work as well and deserve recognition.

Expressing how worthy these brilliant performers can help build new relationships on both sides. Show appreciation through words or gestures during this momentous occasion.

For instance: Honored by my nominations, I want to thank each one selected alongside me. Despite competing against one another, recognition like this doesn't take away any shine off their great work overall.

  • Spread the Glory

Writers should always share the glory with those who have supported them in their pursuit of success. This includes directors, producers, and managers that gave them a chance to show their talents.

Also, family members like parents, siblings, friends, and those who give feedback on your work. Remember that these audiences depend on writers like us, so don't forget to thank them too!

Concluding Paragraph

There are many ways to end your acceptance speech. The best way is with a message that you hope the audience will remember or say something funny.

For example, think of an inspiring message for them. Try to make it humorous so they can laugh while reflecting on what's been said. Also, take away some wisdom from their experience listening to you.

A conclusion section is an important part of any speech. It might be a strong message, a humorous comment, or even a challenge to the audience.

It depends on what you are trying to achieve with your speech and who it is for. But no matter which way you go about it, make sure that this final section leaves people feeling motivated.

To summarize, your speech's ending should be inspirational or challenging to get people thinking about what you've stated.

How to Start an Acceptance Speech?

To begin drafting an acceptance speech, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Begin early and plan ahead of time to create a successful speech.

2. Know the crowd or the organizers who picked you above the other nominees to get the honor.

3. Think about what you want to include in your speech and brainstorm ideas for it.

4. Make a list of the individuals you want to thank. Also, create a list of those who are important.

5. Make a list of the reasons you are grateful for the honor.

6. Many excellent acceptance speeches may be found on the internet. Read those speeches that will surely help you to start one.

7. Make an outline to guide your speech. To create stunning content, all of the headers and key ideas must be included.

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How to Write an Acceptance Speech?

The steps of creating an acceptance speech are shown below.

1. Immediately Start With a Thank You

Begin your award speech by thanking people who helped you achieve your goals. It refers to the individuals who referred you to the organization that nominated and honored you.

2. Discuss the Organization

Show your gratitude after receiving honor from an organization. In addition, go through the organization further and explain why it is valuable to the community. Explain how being a part of it has influenced your life.

3. Recognize Supportive People

At this step, thank all of the people who have been supportive throughout your journey. It could be your family and friends, mentors who allowed you to show your skills and talents.

Make a point of recognizing even the tiniest efforts made by people who helped you along the path. Express your gratitude and admiration for them sincerely and realistically.

4. Don't Thank Too Many People

Avoid thanking too many people individually in your acceptance speech. It will take a long time and possibly annoy the audience. Furthermore, if you forget to mention someone, it may lead to disappointment. So, it is best to express gratitude to everyone at once.

5. Include Humor in Your Speech

Award events can be tiresome. As a result, you can inject some fun into the acceptance speech to make it more entertaining.

Furthermore, concentrating exclusively on making the speech amusing will result in the real expression being lost. Also, refrain from using sarcasm or making fun of someone or the award itself.

6. Represent a Story

Finally, tell a brief personal story to make your speech memorable. You can discuss your achievements and setbacks in attaining the main aim. It is the most efficient approach to entertain and inspire an audience that may be following in your footsteps.

How to End an Acceptance Speech?

The steps you should follow to perfectly conclude your acceptance speech are described below.

  1. Finish your speech with something that will stick with the listeners.
  2. Compile a list of the persons who helped you achieve your objective.
  3. Make the last statement great that will leave an impression on your audience.
  4. End on a cheerful and pleasant note to keep the mood bright.
  5. Says thanks to the organization once again, highlighting their important contribution to the community and your life.
  6. You may also include a call to action to compel the viewers to take action. It might be monetary or practical efforts to make it a powerful institution.
  7. Express your appreciation to the audience in your closing statement.
  8. Take detailed notes on any portions or words that sound wrong or unclear while you read the speech.
  9. Remove any words or phrases that you are unable to speak correctly. Also, ask a friend or coworker to proofread it for you. Then, make adjustments in response to their input or criticism.

Acceptance Speech Example

Here are some excellent speech samples to assist you in writing a successful acceptance speech.

Tips for Acceptance Speech Writing

Here are some tips to help you write a successful speech.

  • Allow ample time to think about what you want to say and who you want to thank.
  • Use a polite and respectful tone while drafting an award speech.
  • Because you only have three to five minutes, make it brief and to the point.
  • Use the language and writing style appropriate to the occasion.
  • Create an outline to assist you in navigating the writing process. It will also help to organize your speech.
  • It is preferable to inquire about any special requirements or codes with the hosting organization.
  • To prepare a good speech, make a plan ahead of time.
  • Make it a point to talk about the organization rather than yourself and express your genuine gratitude to them.
  • Instead of thanking each person individually, thank a group of people.
  • Goals and accomplishments should be mentioned briefly.
  • Do not apologize or bring up previous mistakes. Instead, concentrate on the present and the future's bright prospects.
  • Don't use your speech to address any political or social issues.
  • Include comedy in your speech to make it more interesting but never make fun of anyone. Always finish your speech with a powerful emotional appeal to encourage the audience.

A great idea for an acceptance speech is to express gratitude and close it out on a high note. Expressing gratitude will help the recipient feel appreciated, which can motivate them to keep doing good deeds. The closing words should be meaningful so they can stay in the audience’s mind.

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Caleb S. derives the most satisfaction from helping students reach their educational aspirations. With a Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has ample experience in writing that he can use to aid those who request his assistance. Focusing on his client's necessities, he always goes the extra mile to deliver first-rate service.

Caleb S. derives the most satisfaction from helping students reach their educational aspirations. With a Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has ample experience in writing that he can use to aid those who request his assistance. Focusing on his client's necessities, he always goes the extra mile to deliver first-rate service.

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