Dr. Melisa Cronin

Dr. Melisa Cronin, Senior Editor

Fellow Editorial Board Writer Foreign Language Teacher

Skills Modern Languages

Qualification Ph.D., Indiana University East

Background Highlights

  • Extensive teaching experience in foreign countries with a unique perspective on the education systems.
  • An editing whiz of technical blogs on WriteMyEssay.help

The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.

--Albert Camus

Educational Background

Dr. Melisa Cronin became a teacher of modern languages to help others learn. She has a Ph.D. in modern languages from Indiana University East. Since then, she has used her knowledge to support students as they work on language skills - including people who are learning English as their second language.

Cronin is an expert teacher of modern foreign dialects such as French and Spanish within the United States' classroom system. These dialects can be difficult to learn for people compared to other countries' native speaking abilities. In addition, Cronin has also published several articles on how people can improve their spoken word by taking lessons from a professional.

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