Rylee Willow

Rylee Willow, Senior Editor

Member Editorial Board Experienced Creative Writer

Skills Creative Writing and Literature

Qualification California State University, Los Angeles

Background Highlights

  • As a senior editor for WriteMyEssay.help, Rylee read and assessed various blogs that pertained to literature, scientific writing, and creative content.
  • She has extensive experience writing compelling content for various digital outlets and well-respected journals.

The first duty of a writer is to write what he knows.

- Somerset Maugham.

Educational Background

Many believe that an artist's surroundings play a role in their creativity. Rylee Willow is one such example. While growing up in Los Angeles, she knew early on that she wanted to have a career related to the arts. She achieved this goal by studying Creative Writing and Literature at California State University, Los Angeles.

Rylee discovered that the program's curriculum perfectly matched her talents and interests, which then resulted in accelerated success. While attending Cal State LA, she had excellent opportunities to partner with some of the city's most incredibly gifted writers and artists.

Moreover, she was fortunate to take classes from several award-winning faculty members.

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