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A Comprehensive Guide on Writing an Argumentative Essay About Abortion

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Published on: Mar 6, 2023

Last updated on: May 19, 2023

Argumentative Essay About Abortion

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Writing an argumentative essay can be a daunting task, especially when the topic is as controversial as abortion. 

It's hard to know where to start and how to approach such a sensitive subject. You want your essay to be well-researched, but you also don't want it to come off as too biased. 

But don't worry—we have your back.

In this blog post, we'll go over the basics of writing an argumentative essay on abortion. We'll also provide tips, examples, and argumentative essay topics about abortion. By the end, you should be able to create an effective argumentative essay on the topic.

So let's get started with the blog! 

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of writing that presents an argument and then provides evidence to support it. It's often done in persuasive or scientific writing, but it can be used in any field of study. 

The goal of an argumentative essay is to convince readers that your point of view is the correct one.  To do this, you must provide evidence and reasoning to support your argument. 

The evidence can come in the form of research, personal experience, quotes, or other sources. 

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Why Write an Argumentative Essay About Abortion?

Writing an argumentative essay about abortion is a powerful tool for developing minds. Students can gain valuable insight into the issue of abortion by researching and writing about it. 

Furthermore, it can help sharpen your critical thinking skills. This is an important skill in today's society, as it helps us understand the various perspectives on any given issue. It also allows us to gain insight into the ethical considerations of the topic. 

How to Start an Argumentative Essay About Abortion

So, you’ve been assigned an argumentative essay about abortion. You might not know where to start or how to begin your essay. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Here are five simple steps for starting your argumentative essay about abortion. 

Choose a Topic 

The most important step in writing any argumentative essay is to choose a good topic. When it comes to abortion, there is no shortage of topics you can discuss. 

Take some time to research your options and decide which one speaks most to you.

Do Your Research

Once you have chosen a topic, it’s time to start researching! Make sure you are familiar with all the facts and figures surrounding your topic, as well as any opposing viewpoints. 

This will help ensure that your arguments are backed up by legitimate sources.    

Create an Outline

Once you have done your research, create an outline for your paper. The outline should include a thesis statement, which clearly states your position in the argument.

The body paragraphs focus on specific points related to the thesis. Lastly, a conclusion paragraph where you summarize all of your points and conclude with a call to action.    

Write Your Essay

Now that you have outlined all of the main points for your paper, it's time to start writing! Begin with an introduction and follow your outline. 

Edit & Revise

After you write your essay, read it again to check for mistakes. Edit any typos or grammar mistakes. Also, make sure your sentences are clear and easy to read.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay About Abortion

When writing an argumentative essay about abortion, it is important to know the different sides of the debate. Your essay should be well-researched, thoughtful, and persuasive. 

Here are some tips on how to write an effective argumentative essay on abortion. 

Planning Your Argumentative Essay About Abortion 

The first step in writing your argumentative essay about abortion is to plan out your argument. Make sure that you have identified all arguments and counterarguments. 

You should also make sure to include evidence from reputable sources that support your argument. This will ensure that your essay has a strong foundation of evidence upon which to build your case. 

Drafting Your Body Paragraphs 

When you are writing the body of your essay about abortion, start by introducing both sides of the debate. This means giving a brief overview of what each side thinks about abortion. 

After that, you can start to write your own opinion on the issue based on the evidence you have found. Remember to address any counterarguments with evidence showing why they are not valid in this case.

Writing Your Conclusion  

At the conclusion of your essay, you should summarize all of your points and evidence. Make sure to draw a clear conclusion that supports your opinion on the issue of abortion. 

Check out this sample of an argumentative essay below!

Argumentative Essay About Abortion with an Introduction Body and Conclusion


Abortion is a highly controversial topic, and it has been at the center of many heated debates throughout history. There are two main sides to the discussion: those who believe that abortion should be legal in certain cases, and those who oppose it completely. In this argumentative essay about abortion, I will discuss both sides of the argument and provide my own opinion on the matter.


For those who believe that abortion should be legal in certain cases, their argument rests mainly on the idea of personal freedom and responsibility. They contend that a woman has the right to choose what she does with her body and if she feels abortion is necessary then it should be provided for her. This argument often draws from scientific evidence to support its position, such as studies that show that fetuses do not have the capacity to feel pain until at least 24 weeks into a pregnancy. This allows those who support abortions to focus on the physical health of a mother rather than solely discussing ethical or moral issues. 

On the other side of this issue are those who oppose abortion entirely. They argue that life begins at conception, and it is therefore wrong to end a life before it has had the chance to begin. This argument is often rooted in religious beliefs, with those against abortion citing a scripture that they believe reinforces their stance. Additionally, this side of the debate typically emphasizes how abortions can have long-term physical and mental effects on a woman's health. 


Ultimately, this issue boils down to personal beliefs and values. Those who are pro-choice believe that a woman should have autonomy over her own body while those who are pro-life maintain that all life should be respected from conception onward. In my opinion, each side of the argument must be considered carefully before any decision is made about this sensitive subject. It is important to recognize that there are no easy answers when it comes to abortion and we must always strive for a solution that respects the rights of all parties involved.

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Example of Argumentative Essay About Abortion

Examples are an important part of crafting an argumentative essay about abortion. An example helps students understand the structure, phrasing, and argumentative style

To get you started, here are some examples of argumentative essays about abortion:

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Argumentative Essay Abortion Topics

Abortion is a sensitive issue that can be difficult to discuss. It can be harder to choose a topic on abortion issues for your argumentative essays. 

To help guide you, here are some topics on abortion:

  • Should Early Stage Abortion be Legalized in the United States?
  • Exploring the Ethical Implications of Supreme Court Decisions on Abortion Rights. 
  • Is Abortion Committing Murder as It Is Killing an Unborn Fetus? 
  • Whether or Not Abortion Can Be Considered Murder Until the Baby is Born: Debate
  • Debating Whether or Not Abortion Should Be Illegal in All Stages of Pregnancy
  • How Can We Address Common Misconceptions About Abortion Pro Issues?
  • Abortion is a necessary procedure in cases of rape or incest.
  • Abortion should be illegal in all cases, as it is a dangerous and unnatural medical procedure.
  • The government should not be involved in the decision of whether or not to have an abortion.
  • Abortion should be available to all women, regardless of income.

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In conclusion, writing an argumentative essay on abortion requires thoughtful consideration and research. In this blog, we have discussed how to craft a perfect essay on abortion. With our tips in hand, now is the time to take action and start putting together an insightful essay!

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Barbara's qualifications include a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working practically in the medical field. With her research experience on various health issues, she is skilled in writing papers that offer new perspectives on healthcare topics. Many of her works have been published across multiple renowned publications.

Barbara's qualifications include a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working practically in the medical field. With her research experience on various health issues, she is skilled in writing papers that offer new perspectives on healthcare topics. Many of her works have been published across multiple renowned publications.

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