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A Comprehensive List of 200+ Excellent Argumentative Essay Topics

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Published on: Apr 19, 2023

Last updated on: Aug 8, 2023

argumentative essay topics

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Crafting an argumentative essay can be intimidating. With countless topics at hand, it's difficult to know where to begin.

You want to pick the right topic that is both unique and interesting. But with many options available, it can be difficult to find the one that will make your paper stand out. 

Well, we have got you covered!

In this blog, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 200+ excellent argumentative essay topics for you to choose from. Our topics are sure to spark debate among your peers and teachers alike. With our help, you'll have all the information needed to write a thought-provoking paper in no time!

So without further delay let's start!

Best Argumentative Essay Topics For Students

As a student, you might be assigned an argumentative essay on a number of topics. Below is a list of some of the best topics for your next argumentative essay assignment:

  • Is the death penalty an effective form of punishment? 
  • Should the legal drinking age be lowered? 
  • Are single-sex schools better than coed schools?
  • Does social media have a negative influence on teenagers today? 
  • Should the possession of guns be outlawed? 
  • Is animal testing necessary for scientific advancement? 
  • Should the voting age be lowered to 16? 
  • Are video games a form of art? 
  • Should marijuana be legalized in all states? 
  • Should prisoners have access to higher education while incarcerated?

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Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

Middle school is a challenging time for students and teachers alike. But it can also be a great opportunity to explore different types of argumentative essays in the classroom. 

Here are some interesting topics that you can use for your next middle school argumentative essay:

  • Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom? 
  • Is bullying an issue that needs to be addressed? 
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory? 
  • Is online learning better than traditional classroom instruction? 
  • How can we make school lunches healthier and more nutritious? 
  • Are school dress codes necessary or are they a violation of students' rights? 
  • Are standardized tests an accurate measure of student knowledge? 
  • Should classes be taught in multiple languages? 
  • Does the current educational system do enough to help students succeed in life? 
  • Is there a need for more physical education classes in school?

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Argumentative Essay Topics For Grade 6

At the sixth-grade level, students are more prepared to write argumentative essays. Here is a list of argumentative essay topics for 6th grader students:

  • Is the current school curriculum too demanding? 
  • Should caffeine be banned from schools? 
  • Are stricter laws needed to protect endangered species? 
  • Should students be allowed to bring their own devices to school? 
  • Is it important to limit the amount of screen time children have each day? 
  • Does technology make us more efficient or less productive? 
  • Do video games contribute to violent behavior in teenagers? 
  • Is there a need for more diversity in the classroom? 
  • Should genetically modified foods be labeled as such? 
  • Are robots effective tools for teaching children?

Argumentative Essay Topics For 7th Graders

Seventh grade is a crucial year for students. It's time to start refining their argumentative skills and writing essays with more mature topics. 

Here are some interesting argumentative essay topics that seventh graders can explore:

  • Should schools embrace technology in the classroom? 
  • Are standardized tests an effective measure of student knowledge? 
  • Is social media a distraction or an effective learning tool? 
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory in all schools? 
  • Are video games beneficial to academic performance? 
  • Should students be allowed to have cell phones in class? 
  • Do the benefits of technology outweigh its potential risks? 
  • What is the best way to reduce bullying in school? 
  • Are zoos necessary for animal conservation? 
  • Should parents limit the use of technology by their children? 

These argumentative essay topics are perfect for a 7th-grade student to explore. Use these ideas to help your students craft an effective and well-informed argument. 

Argumentative Essay Topics For Grade 8

Here are some interesting topics that you can use for your next eighth-grade argumentative essay: 

  • Is the internet making us smarter or dumber? 
  • Should parents monitor their children's social media activity? 
  • Are the current laws concerning cyberbullying effective? 
  • Should violence in the media be regulated? 
  • Is it necessary to have a dress code at school? 
  • Should teachers use technology more in their teaching? 
  • Can we really trust the information found on the internet? 
  • Should schools offer special classes for gifted students? 
  • Are standardized tests an accurate measure of student knowledge? 
  • Should schools provide mental health services for students? 

These topics can help 8th graders create an argumentative essay that is both thorough and effective. Encourage them to think critically and explore their own opinions on the assigned topic. 

Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

At the high school level, students are often expected to write more sophisticated and complex argumentative essays. 

Here are some interesting topics that your student can explore: 

  • Should college be free for everyone? 
  • Is it important to have a gender-balanced workforce? 
  • Are standardized tests an accurate measure of intelligence? 
  • Should animal testing be allowed in the medical field? 
  • Do social media platforms have a responsibility to censor content? 
  • Should schools ban junk food from campus? 
  • Should schools be required to offer art courses as part of their curriculum?
  • Should there be stricter gun control laws? 
  • Are beauty pageants exploitative of women’s bodies? 
  • Are video games contributing to the rise in childhood obesity? 

These topics are perfect for a high school argumentative essay. Always think critically and explore your own opinions on the assigned topic. 

This will help you develop important critical thinking skills that you will use throughout your academic career.

Argumentative Essay Topics For O Levels

At the O-Level level, students are expected to write argumentative essays with more complex and mature topics. Here are some interesting topics that your student can explore: 

  • Should religious beliefs be considered when making legal decisions? 
  • Should the death penalty still be used in certain cases? 
  • Do media outlets have an obligation to report honestly and accurately? 
  • Are eSports a legitimate sport or just a fad? 
  • Should countries invest in space exploration programs? 
  • Is the current education system effective for preparing students for college and the workforce?
  • Do current copyright laws hinder creativity? 
  • Is it beneficial to have a longer school day and shorter summer break? 
  • Is it necessary to have a minimum wage in a country? 
  • Should people be allowed to take performance-enhancing drugs?

Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

  • Should the sale of tobacco and alcohol be illegalized?
  • Should death penalties be legalized in all parts of the world?
  • Is smoking around children immoral?
  • Is there justice for all in our country?
  • Do external factors influence the decision-making of the government?
  • Is the decision-making of the government influenced by external factors?
  • Should energy boosters be banned?
  • Should there be an age defined to vote?
  • What is the perfect age to start drinking?
  • Why should court proceedings be shown on television?

Argumentative Essay Topics For University Students

  • Not every house is a home.
  • Failed marriages result in failed generations.
  • Should schools encourage students to take gap years before attending university?
  • Peer pressure is causing more damage than benefits.
  • Community colleges have a significant role in promoting higher education.
  • Abusive marriages can destroy the mental health of children.
  • Racial issues should be dealt with in more seriousness in schools.
  • Recycling should be encouraged and financed at every level.
  • Mass media is highly biased.
  • Helping others should be everyone’s objective in life.

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Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Teenagers

Writing an argumentative essay as a teenager can be challenging. Here are some interesting and thought-provoking topic ideas that you can explore, keep reading:

  • Should social media platforms have an age limit? 
  • Are reality TV shows harmful to young people's mental health? 
  • Is there too much pressure on teens to get good grades? 
  • Should parents monitor their teenagers’ social media accounts? 
  • Should there be stricter laws to protect teen drivers? 
  • Does the current education system adequately prepare teens for college and the workforce? 
  • Are video games contributing to violent behavior in teenagers? 
  • Should gym classes be mandatory in schools?
  • Are we ready for a female president in the United States? 
  • Is online bullying a serious issue that needs to be addressed?

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

If you’re in search of interesting yet simple argumentative essay topics, then here's the list!

  • Should all foods be required to have nutrition labels? 
  • Should there be limits on the use of technology in public schools? 
  • Is it necessary to have a college degree to be successful? 
  • Should the government regulate food production and distribution? 
  • Does the current healthcare system effectively meet people’s needs?  
  • Are fast-food restaurants responsible for childhood obesity? 
  • Is it necessary to wear school uniforms in public schools? 
  • Do social media platforms have an obligation to protect users’ privacy? 
  • Should the government provide free internet access to everyone? 
  • Are violent video games bad for children? 

These topics are simple and can be explored quickly, making them perfect for argumentative essays.

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you looking for something a bit different? Here are some interesting and unusual argumentative essay topics that may inspire your writing: 

  • Do the benefits of genetically modified organisms outweigh the risks? 
  • Is virtual reality technology beneficial or detrimental to society? 
  • Are robots taking over human jobs? 
  • Is it ethical to clone animals and humans? 
  • Should the government allow citizens to vote online? 
  • Are virtual currencies a viable option for money transactions? 
  • Would allowing genetic engineering of humans lead to a better society? 
  • Is nuclear energy a safe source of power? 
  • Is space exploration worth the cost and effort? 
  • Does censorship of art limit artistic expression? 

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

If you’re looking for a good challenge, try tackling one of these controversial topics below.

  • How would requests for medically assisted suicide be regulated and monitored? 
  • Should religious studies be made part of the school syllabus?
  • What is your point of view on mercy killing? Is it ethical?
  • Is it moral to call someone ugly?
  • Should applicants be judged on their appearance?
  • Should same-sex marriages be legalized in Muslim countries?
  • Should transgenders be given opportunities to study in elite institutions?
  • Is the #BlackLivesMatter movement promoting inclusiveness?
  • Should abortions be made illegal?
  • Should illegal immigrants be treated equally as legal citizens?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you looking for something interesting yet thought-provoking? Here are some great argumentative essay topics that may inspire your writing. 

  • Should social media platforms be held responsible for the spread of fake news? 
  • Do smartphones have a negative effect on childhood development? 
  • Is technology making us less social and more isolated?  
  • Can technology help solve global warming? 
  • Is the fashion industry promoting unrealistic body images? 
  • Is cyberbullying a serious issue that needs to be addressed? 
  • Should all foods be required to have nutrition labels? 
  • Are online dating sites a safe way to meet people? 
  • Should vaping be allowed in public places? 
  • Do celebrities have a responsibility to use their platform for social good? 

Fun Argumentative Essay Topics

If you want to have a bit of fun while writing your argumentative essay, consider tackling one of these topics.

  • Do people need supernatural powers to be superheroes? 
  • Should unicorns exist? 
  • Does money buy happiness? 
  • Would it be better if cats ruled the world? 
  • Should flying cars become a reality? 
  • Do we really need 8 hours of sleep every night? 
  • Is it ethical to eat meat from animals that were not killed humanely? 
  • Are there any benefits to watching cartoons as an adult? 
  • Is dressing sense important to observe while dating a person?
  • Can you win a war against terrorism without leaving bed?

Mental Health Argumentative Essay Topics

Mental health is a hot topic, so why not explore it in your argumentative essay? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

  • Does social media have an overall positive or negative effect on mental health? 
  • Should pharmaceutical companies be held liable for the opioid crisis? 
  • Should mental health services be available to everyone, regardless of their income? 
  • Do people with mental illnesses face discrimination in the workplace? 
  • Are there serious ethical issues surrounding electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)? 
  • How can society best address the stigma around mental illness? 
  • Are psychiatric medications overprescribed? 
  • Is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) an effective treatment for mental health issues? 
  • Should cases of terminal illnesses be treated differently from other illnesses? 
  • Is it possible to diagnose and treat mental illness without medication?

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Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

Social media has become a hot-button issue in recent years. Here are some topics for debate.

  • Should the government regulate social media platforms? 
  • Does internet addiction have serious negative effects on our lives? 
  • Has social media made us less productive in our everyday lives? 
  • Are privacy policies on social media sites effective? 
  • Do influencers have a responsibility to be more transparent about sponsored content? 
  • How should companies manage customer complaints on social media? 
  • Do fake accounts have a negative impact on social media engagement? 
  • Are platforms like Instagram and YouTube helping or hurting society? 
  • Does the spread of misinformation on social media constitute a threat to democracy? 
  • Should there be an age limit for using certain social media sites? 

Argumentative Essay Topics About Politics

Politics can be a thorny subject to tackle in an argumentative essay. Here are some topics to explore.

  • Should voting be mandatory in order to increase voter turnout? 
  • Is it possible to reduce the influence of money and special interests on politics? 
  • Should political parties have fixed terms of office? 
  • Do term limits help or hurt the political process? 
  • Should voting rights be extended to non-citizens? 
  • Are the current systems of campaign finance effective and ethical? 
  • What reforms are needed to ensure fair elections in the U.S.? 
  • Are there any benefits to having a multi-party system in politics? 
  • Should political candidates be required to release their tax returns? 
  • Are the current systems of the electoral college and popular vote effective? 

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is sports the answer to maintaining a healthy weight?
  • Should school systems be giving physical education?
  • Is playing video games a sport?
  • How can sports assist in learning better?
  • Should females be encouraged to take part in sports?
  • Should athletes be allowed to take steroids to perform well?
  • Is cheerleading a sport?
  • Should unhealthy brands be sponsoring sports programs?
  • Do sportswomen get equal appreciation as sportsmen?
  • Ethnic and racial discrimination in sports

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Argumentative Essay Topics About Education

Education is an important issue for students, teachers, and parents. Here are some topics to explore. 

  • What is the best way to reform education in America?
  • Is it necessary for all students to attend college after high school? 
  • Are private schools more effective than public schools? 
  • Should schools offer vocational training as part of their curriculum? 
  • How can technology be used to improve education? 
  • Are online classes as effective as traditional classroom learning? 
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory? 
  • How can we make schools safer for students and teachers? 
  • What role should parents play in their children’s education? 
  • Do charter schools provide a better educational experience than public schools?

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Argumentative Essay Topics 2023

The year 2023 brings plenty of potential topics to explore. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Should technology companies be forced to share data with the government? 
  • Are renewable energy sources a viable way to combat climate change? 
  • Is it necessary for governments to increase the regulation of social media? 
  • Should all countries adopt the same immigration policies? 
  • Will virtual reality become a mainstream technology by 2023? 
  • Should there be limits on how much money companies can spend on political campaigns? 
  • Will autonomous vehicles improve or reduce road safety? 
  • How can we reduce our reliance on single-use plastics? 
  • Should the U.S. adopt a universal healthcare system? 
  • Is the sharing economy a sustainable economic model for the future?

How to Choose a Good Argumentative Essay Topic?

Choosing a good argumentative essay topic can be tricky. Here's how to pick the right topic: 

1. Choose a topic that interests you: 
Pick a subject that you are passionate about and will be able to write an engaging paper on. 

2. Make sure your topic is debatable: 
You don’t want to pick a subject that everyone agrees on. Choose something where there is room for disagreement and debate. 

3. Research your topic: 
Take some time to research your chosen topic so that you have enough evidence to use in your essay. 

4. Think critically: 
Consider both sides of the argument before making a decision about which position you will take. 

5. Write a strong thesis statement: 
Your thesis statement should be clear and concise, and make your position on the topic obvious.

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Tips for Writing a Compelling Argumentative Essay

Are you ready to create a captivating and persuasive argumentative essay? Here are some tips to help you create a compelling piece:

  • Create an outline - Outlines provide structure and guidance as you write. So, make sure to create one before you start writing your essay. 
  • Be objective - Present both sides of the argument in an unbiased way. 
    Back up your claims with evidence - Support your arguments with facts and research. 
  • Stay organized - Keep all of your notes, sources, and drafts in one place. It will help you easily refer back to them as needed. 
  • Practice makes perfect - Take the time to practice writing essays before you have to submit them for a grade.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to choose an argumentative essay topic that will engage your readers.

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Here you have it: an extensive list of 200+ topics and tips that will help you create a phenomenal essay. Now your task is to write captivating arguments, and start impressing people with your writing!

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Barbara's qualifications include a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working practically in the medical field. With her research experience on various health issues, she is skilled in writing papers that offer new perspectives on healthcare topics. Many of her works have been published across multiple renowned publications.

Barbara's qualifications include a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working practically in the medical field. With her research experience on various health issues, she is skilled in writing papers that offer new perspectives on healthcare topics. Many of her works have been published across multiple renowned publications.

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