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Step-by-Step Easy Guide to Write an Evaluation Essay

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Published on: Jul 16, 2020

Last updated on: Mar 16, 2024

Guide to Write an Evaluation Essay

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Do you find yourself in the same boat as a student who is wondering what an evaluation essay even means? Do not worry because we will give you all of the information you need about the Evaluation essay.

First off, it should be noted that there are many different types and styles for these essays. However, they can generally range from personal opinions on art or literature to analysis with examples.

It's important to determine which style suits your needs best before moving forward.

Continue reading to have a better idea about an evaluation essay.

What is an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay is a type of writing in which the writer offers a value judgment about a topic. It analyzes something and offers an opinion. It also determines the condition, worth, or significance by careful appraisal.

These types of essays provide facts to justify the writer's opinion about the essay’s subject matter, which creates an unbiased argument that will be convincing for its readership.

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Purpose of Evaluation Essay

The main purpose of an evaluation essay is to evaluate a topic and present your opinion about it critically. It also determines the condition, worth, or significance by careful appraisal and study.

You can't just write your point of view without providing evidence for why you believe that way. Otherwise, it will sound biased instead of justified opinions on the subject matter in question.

You should learn how to do a critical evaluation before writing an essay. You want people to know that you are as objective as possible with your arguments. You can also have strong feelings/opinions about things in your essay if needed.

Elements of Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay is about evaluating. So, the following are the elements that must be known to the writer before starting an evaluation essay. Have a look at them:

Evaluation Essay Structure

Following is the list of evaluation essay structures according to which it can be written:

  • Chronological Structure

    The chronological structure is essential for figuring out how something works. It's used to assess the effectiveness of a mechanism, procedure, or process and can be applied in a historical context as well as in current events.

  • Spatial Structure

    First, you will define the spatial organization of an artifact and move from one element to another.

    The spatial organizational structure may not be the most straightforward way to analyze a work, but it sure is interesting, even when starting with just one aspect that draws us in.

  • Compare and Contrast Structure

    Using the compare and contrast structure is a great way to explore similarities, differences, or even opposites between two subjects. This helps writers clarify what they are trying to say by contrasting it with another subject.

    The author of this passage notes that "the writer can use both praise words as well as critique" in order for readers to understand how different one thing maybe from something else.

  • Point by Point Structure

    The point-by-point review style is often applied when evaluating and comparing both cooking dishes as well as pieces of music.

    People commonly use food to evaluate how tasty something tastes and if they consider any other factors like presentation (how attractive the actual cooked items look).

How to Write an Evaluation Essay?

Students always have this question: how to start an evaluation essay? Here we will discuss in detail the answer to this question.

Following are the steps to craft an amazing evaluation essay:

1. Choose the Topic

Spend enough time to think about what you want your essay to be about in order for it to have a real identity. While deciding, make sure that the topic is not only compelling and interesting but also informative.

Keep in mind how much material you need before settling with an idea because if all else fails, then at least you know this one won't!

2. Evaluation Essay Outline

Professional writers always suggest that you should draft an essay outline before writing the whole thing.

It is easier to write the essay if you do it this way, and your ideas will flow better. If you don't draft an outline, then editing and revising will be much harder. On the other hand, editing is a lot simpler than writing an entire essay from scratch.

Once you have crafted an evaluation essay format now, it’s time to start writing your essay.

3. Evaluation Essay Introduction

Write an introductory paragraph that will grab the reader's attention and make them understand your topic. The following are the elements you may need to include in order to make a good introduction:

  • Start with a hook statement that is interesting so they will want to read more
  • Provide background information on your topic so people can understand it better
  • Finally, set out the thesis statement for your essay at the end of your introduction

That way, they know what you will be talking about for the rest of your essay.

4. Craft the Body Section

The body of an essay is like the foundation of a house. For example, a three-paragraph essay discusses three different ideas.

The first body paragraph is about your opinion on the subject. First, you need to introduce the idea and let people know what you think. Then, give evidence that proves your opinion and show how balanced an argument you are giving.

The next paragraph needs to compare and contrast this idea with another idea in order to see its strengths and weaknesses. Then, finally, there is an evaluation from many different perspectives so that you can see how other people have looked at this idea.

The third paragraph also follows the same structure, carrying a topic sentence, evaluation criteria, and evidence to support your opinion.

5. Evaluation Essay Conclusion

Concluding an essay is crucial because it allows the reader to walk away with a solid idea of your supporting position. To do this, summarize your own points and arguments before concluding.

Also, summarize your thesis statement provided at the beginning. Then, you can conclude with any closing remarks that leave readers convinced by the strength of your evaluation essay. Leave the readers to agree with what they've read!

6. Proofread and Edit

Proofreading and editing are the last steps in writing an essay. After writiting your first draft, you must take a break from working on it before reading through what has been written.

This way, unintentional mistakes will have surfaced by then so they can be fixed when proofreading for errors or missing information. Revising two to three times also helps catch any remaining errors left after this process!

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Evaluation Essay Examples

Evaluation is a paper that you write about something. It can be about anything, like books, movies, or music. But, of course, you have to give your opinion on it.

Here are some examples of evaluation essays for you to see what they look like and understand them better.

Evaluation Essay Topics

To write an excellent essay, you need to have an essay topic. Here are some topics for evaluation essays for you to use. You can use them as is or change them to make them work better for you.

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of teenage smoking
  • Evaluate the importance of time in an individuals life
  • Evaluate a movie you have seen last
  • Evaluate your favorite restaurant
  • Evaluate the effects of stress on the human brain
  • Evaluate your most used cosmetic product
  • Evaluate your last year academic performance
  • Evaluate the effects of recycling plastic
  • Evaluate the difference between IELTS and TOFEL
  • Evaluate the cons of using smartphones to extreme

Evaluation Essay Tips

Following are some tips that you must remember while writing an evaluation essay:

  • Make sure to provide every detail in your evaluation essay
  • Make sure the provided information is factual
  • Provide supporting proofs to strengthen your statement
  • Provide a concise evaluation and strong criteria to support your opinion
  • Know your audience first, to make them agree upon your opinion

You have learned how to write a good evaluation essay after reading the step-by-step guide and examples. But it is not easy to write a perfect paper; you need a lot of practice and experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start an evaluation essay?

Following are the steps to start an evaluation essay:

  1. Start with an interesting statement
  2. Introduce your subject quickly
  3. Provide some background information
  4. Provide the basis of your criteria
  5. Write your thesis statement

What is evaluation in essay writing?

Evaluation is to evaluate, and you'll need an opinion or verdict concerning the extent to which it's accurate. Therefore, providing such a verdict or opinion in an essay is evaluation.

Can you use I in an evaluation essay?

No, we can not use I in an evaluation essay. This is because the first-person pronouns can make the essay wordy and give it an informal tone when used inappropriately.

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Caleb S. derives the most satisfaction from helping students reach their educational aspirations. With a Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has ample experience in writing that he can use to aid those who request his assistance. Focusing on his client's necessities, he always goes the extra mile to deliver first-rate service.

Caleb S. derives the most satisfaction from helping students reach their educational aspirations. With a Master's degree from Oxford University, Caleb has ample experience in writing that he can use to aid those who request his assistance. Focusing on his client's necessities, he always goes the extra mile to deliver first-rate service.

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