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Persuasive Essay About the Death Penalty- Top 10 Examples

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Published on: Jan 27, 2023

Last updated on: Aug 8, 2023

Persuasive essay about death penalty

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You may be looking at a black screen right now, wondering how to write an exemplary essay. 

You may feel like you're up against a brick wall, but don't give up yet. There is still time to get this done and get the grade you want. 

In this blog post, we'll give you 10 examples to help you get started on your death penalty essay. By the end of the blog post, you'll know how to write a perfect persuasive essay on the death penalty. 

With our help, you can write an essay that will make your teacher proud. So without further delay, let's jump into the topic. 

What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is an essay that attempts to persuade the reader of a certain point of view. You'll want to ensure your evidence and arguments support your thesis statement. 

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What is a Persuasive Essay About The Death Penalty?

A persuasive essay about the death penalty is:

 "An essay that seeks to convince the reader of any aspect of death penalty such as the morality or immorality and efficacy or ineffectiveness of capital punishment" 

You'll want to make sure your arguments are well-researched. Also, make strong points against or in support of the death penalty. In addition, you can provide evidence from scientific studies, case law, and personal stories.

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Persuasive Essay About Death Penalty Examples

Examples are one of the easiest and most interesting ways to learn about any topic. That's why we've collected 10 exemplary essays on the death penalty. You'll have the perfect starting point for creating a unique essay using these examples. 

Let each example below provide you with some emotional inspiration.

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Argumentative Essay About Death Penalty Examples

Argumentative essays are slightly different. They are more focused on making an argument and providing supporting evidence. Therefore, it might be more complicated to write an argumentative essay about the death penalty due to its controversial nature. 

To assist you in composing a good argumentative essay on the topic, we have gathered 5 examples below. Check them out!

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Now that you've seen some essay samples about the death penalty, let's focus on writing tips. 

Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

Here's how to create a remarkable essay about the death penalty. Follow these five tips, and you'll be able to generate a meaningful essay that will captivate readers' hearts and minds!

1. State Your Position Clearly and Directly.

The first step in writing a successful persuasive essay is to take a firm stance on the issue. Ensure you introduce the topic in your opening paragraph and present your position in the following paragraphs. 

2. Use Logical Arguments and Evidence. 

Always include logical arguments and evidence from reliable sources throughout your paper. This will give readers more insight into why they should agree with you. 

3. Establish Common Ground with Your Audience. 

Creating an understanding between you and your readers is paramount to any successful discussion. 

To achieve this, start by identifying common ground on a shared opinion about the topic. It will create unity amongst all participants, thus making it easier for them to comprehend your perspective.

4. Acknowledge Opposing Views and Refute Them Respectfully. 

Always acknowledge opposing views while respectfully refuting them using logic and evidence. 

This will make it clear that you are open-minded about different perspectives while maintaining your own viewpoint.  

5. Stay Focused on the Topic at Hand & Avoid Distractions 

Remember, try not to get sidetracked by introducing too many side points. This can detract from the effectiveness of your overall argumentation process. 

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Persuasive Essay About Death Penalty Topics

From an emotional appeal to a logical argument, there are countless angles you can take in creating a death penalty essay. 

Here are just a handful of ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Does the death penalty deter crime?
  • Is the death penalty a just punishment for heinous crimes?
  • Are there alternative forms of punishment that could be more effective than the death penalty?
  • The death penalty is a morally justifiable punishment. Discuss.
  • Should "eye for an eye" be a part of the death penalty?
  • Would abolishing the death penalty reduce the United State’s capital crime rate?
  • Could the death penalty lead to wrongful executions?
  • Is the death penalty a cruel and unusual punishment?
  • Is the death penalty a justified response to crimes committed?
  • Are there racial disparities in who is sentenced to death?

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This blog has covered all the essential tips to create an impeccable death penalty essay. Additionally, we presented several PDF samples and highlighted some relevant topics. We hope that you are able to use the information shared in this blog to create your ideal essay!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most persuasive argument for the death penalty?

Supporters of the death penalty say that it serves as a deterrent to violent crime. It is thought that extreme punishment for criminal behavior will deter others from committing similar crimes out of fear. The concept is based on the idea that people are more likely to adhere to laws when faced with severe penalties.

How do you start a persuasive speech on the death penalty?

Begin a persuasive speech on the death penalty by introducing the topic and outlining your position on the issue. Give a brief overview of why you are in favor or opposed to it. Explain why you have formed this opinion, citing any relevant statistics or social research that supports your stance.

What are good topics for persuasive essays?

Some good persuasive essay topics include: 

  • Should schools require students to wear uniforms?
  • Is the death penalty an effective deterrent for crime?
  • Does advertising have negative effects on society?
  • Are beauty pageants exploitative towards women?
  • Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets?
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Barbara's qualifications include a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working practically in the medical field. With her research experience on various health issues, she is skilled in writing papers that offer new perspectives on healthcare topics. Many of her works have been published across multiple renowned publications.

Barbara's qualifications include a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university and extensive experience working practically in the medical field. With her research experience on various health issues, she is skilled in writing papers that offer new perspectives on healthcare topics. Many of her works have been published across multiple renowned publications.

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